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Welcome to Right Celebrity, gossip and entertainment news coverage provided exclusively by women. We are a diverse group of women bloggers from differing orientations and from different life perspectives.

Right Celebrity started in 2007 as a gossip and entertainment website that is hopefully provocative and fun. Here you will find the latest celebrity news and gossip from the world of motion pictures, fashion, music, media, and dance. Our special focus is lesser-known celebrities, interviews and live event coverage. We hope to bring you news stories from our unique neo-feminist viewpoint.

Editorial Board

Mary McCain – Publisher

Mary McCain is the publisher of Right Celebrity. Her hope is that Right Celebrity will do our part to reduce social stigmas for women in a way that is both thought-provoking and culturally beneficial.

Ms. McCain obtained a post-baccalaureate degree, something she refers to as “way too much school,” and proceeded to join the payrolls of various corporations with nice windows. She is also a mother, wife, and local philanthropist residing near San Francisco in California.

You can reach Mary via email: publisher at rightcelebrity dot com

Jeanette Johnson
Jeanette Johnson – Senior Editorial Consultant

Jeanette Johnson joined the Right Celebrity family in March 2007. She had her own celebrity blog, Jeanette’s Celebrity Corner, and it was through a simple email of exchanging links that she forged a wonderful relationship with RC. She is currently the Executive Editor for Right Celebrity and its sister sites.

With one year left to go of schooling, marriage and her new husband’s job transfer out of state quickly put her university studies on hold.

Jeanette has always had a passion for writing, and she has been obsessed with everything celebrity as far back as she can remember. She started her own personal blog in July 2006, and found that blogging about celebrities was more interesting than the daily trials and tribulations of a stressed out, work at home, minivan driving momma, thus the birth of her celebrity website, Jeanette’s Celebrity Corner in September 2006.

She is married and has three children ages 10 to 17. She makes her home outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

You can reach Jeanette via email: jeanette dot blogging at gmail dot com

Jen Ellyson
Jenivieve Elly – Senior Marketing Consultant and Fashion Editor

Jenivieve Elly joined the Right Celebrity family in July of 2007. Her love of everything celebrity and entertainment started with weekly tabloids, and later progressed to writing about celebrities and fashion on her own blog.

While pursuing her bachelors degree in Education from the University of South Florida, Jen worked as the Fashion Editor on Right Celebrity and its sister sites. Upon graduation in May of 2009, Jen switched to full time for the Right Celebrity family as the Marketing Manager.

You can reach Jen via email: editors at rightcelebrity dot com

John Smith – Editorial Consultant and Television Editor

John Smith joined the Right Celebrity family in May of 2009. He was awarded an undergraduate degree in English / Creative Writing in the summer of 2004. Writing has always been his primary creative outlet, followed closely by drumming. He revels in the satisfaction of composing a flawless piece, and enjoys the freedom of expression that blogging provides. Finding humor and absurdity in the lives of celebrities is something he has grown to love. His work can mostly be found on Right Celebrity, Right TV, and Right Fashions. In January 2010, he was promoted to Television Editor.

You can reach John via email: editors at rightcelebrity dot com


Scarlett Hughes – Writer

Scarlett has been working with the Right Family since March of 2008!  A huge fan of both movies and television, she has been writing and following the entertainment biz on the web since 2006.  She graduated from an all girls private college in Beantown and isn’t afraid to admit that she loves cheesy 80’s movies (especially with John Cusack), Superman, Harry Potter, just about anything Sci-Fi, and yes…Glee!  She currently resides in Massachusetts.

You can reach Scarlett via email: ScarlettRHughes at gmail dot com

Rachelle Thomas – Writer

Rachelle joined the Right Celebrity family in October 2009. She is an Iowa native who currently calls Hoboken, NJ home. Her days are filled working in Advertising Sales of AMC Television network in the Big Apple. However she is workings towards the day when she can do what she loves the most all the time, writing the latest dish on celebrities.

Rachelle has had a passion for all things celebrity and writing pretty much forever. It it involves the entertainment industry or anyone in it, she wants to know and write about it, which is why she is a good fit for Right Celebrity and Right Television. She briefly had her own website daytimebuzz.com which focused on three soap operas, which Rachelle has a serious weakness for.

Rachelle is a graduate of Grand View College in her hometown of Des Moines, Iowa. After college she decided it was time to spread her wings and has since then lived in Los Angeles, Denver, New York City and now Hoboken.

You can reach Rachelle via email: rchllthms at gmail dot com

Miriam Valle de Hernandez – Writer

Miriam is our new writer from El Salvador, she joined the Right Celebrity family in December 2009, you can find her on our sister site Right Fielders. She said it has been a great adventure and a blessing to have joined a site filled with such kind and talented writers, where she has learned so much. Miriam is a stroke survivor, but this hasn’t stopped this mother of five along with her hubby to enjoy and cherish every second of their lives, and when a new challenge comes, she tells herself “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me”.

When she is not being a full time mommy, you can also find Miriam on her own blog justlife4me.

You can reach Miriam via email: mvalle888 at hotmail dot com

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    I am interested in reaching a celebrity. We were close at one time. I need their influence, and consideration in helping me produce a gosple cd project.
    Can Right Celebrity Circle help? I choose you all because I respect, and admire the way you have represented what you do and, who you are…it takes strong character traits to stand bold for what and who we have become. Big Ups to ‘Celebrity Circle’

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