Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Abandon LA House

September 2, 2010

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have reportedly given up on their attempt to find privacy at their new LA digs. But where are they off to now? People are clamoring to find recent photos and video of the ‘couple,’ now that they are ‘out.’ You’ll find plenty of that here.

As we gleefully reportedly a few weeks ago, the two sharp-toothed lovers were all but outed for actually being in a relationship with each other. Fans reveled in the idea of the real life Bella and Edward lovingly gazing into each other’s eyes. We were even treated to pictures of a nifty-looking house that they were shacking up in prior to heading off to film ‘Breaking Dawn.’

Alas, it seems all of the excitement over the Vampire love nest may have driven them off. Now reports indicate that the fans and paparazzi began crawling all over the house like a newborn over fresh blood. So what’s a couple of young, rich movie stars to do? Well, move the eff out, that’s what.

The Vancouver Sun wrote today that the Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart LA love nest has moved to a different secret location. Says a source:

“They didn’t stay at the lake house that often…It wasn’t as private as they hoped.”

E! News reports that they already had another spot in LA to enjoy each other’s time, only this one was not leaked to the public like the last house.

In related news, fans can rest assured that we won’t miss out on Bella giving birth to Renesme. It was confirmed today that the all-important scene will in fact be a part of the next two movies–and they aren’t going to hold back any details!

I’m personally relieved to hear that. It is the first time in a few thousand pages that Bella actually shows some strength. What do you think?

Check out some photos and video related to the Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart LA love nest below. Click thumbnails for a full gallery.

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18 Responses to “Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Abandon LA House”

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  1. 1
    Rachelle Says:

    Am I only one who wishes these two would just go away!

  2. 2
    jane Says:

    Wait a minute! They don’t need to go away, the paparazzi that won’t leave them alone,invading their private lives need to go away. Far away!

  3. 3
    jacqueline haase Says:

    Well good! perhaps Rob and Kristen can relocate to a densly populated place such as the poconos up north or Austin TX Sandra Bullock has since relocated and has nothing but peace and quiet and Austin has hundreds and hundreds of forests ranges,praires and plenty of privacy for a farm or love bungalow,for them both they should consider. they deserve all the privacy they have been denied. Jacqueline

  4. 4
    cindy Says:

    ya so true about the crazy media going the heck far away not the 2 who arent asking for the freaking attention . and so weird if they really had to move out but hope they have some other place to hang out . i wish them nothing but safe and happy journeys wherever it takes them now and thankful i was lucky enough to see the wonderful talent and passion they share . enjoy life cindy from indiana

  5. 5
    MNW Says:

    If any celeb wants some privacy then they should probably move to Wisconsin or somewhere like that. Why stay in the paparazzi’s headquarters LA?

  6. 6
    Jan Says:

    AMEN to Jacqueline Haase, I totally agree…KILL the Paparazzi and leave these kids alone…They need peace and DESERVE it. Enough is Enough…They are pretty determined to find peace on their own and thats devotion…Perhaps they should disappear in the highlands of Scotland for a quiet time…I am sure Robs Mom or Sister would find them a Hide-out….Americans are RUDE to them…and that is a shame since that covers me…Thumb your noses and enjoy yourselves Robsten…………BTW, used to know a guy named Paul Haase when in Syracuse NY…He was in the service and from Texas…Many Many years ago….

  7. 7
    Jen Says:

    Everyone deserves privacy and respect. The paps make Rob and Kristen’s attempt at some normalcy impossible. I wish they would get the privacy they deserve. It is shameful if they have been run off from their house by the pap losers. I am sure because a lot of their work and Kristen’s family are in LA that they would like to stay there. Too bad they aren’t able too without craziness. Love them and wish them the best and hope they get some respect!

  8. 8
    Kristina Says:

    Sorry Rob but u look way hotter without a beard.

  9. 9
    Geek me Says:

    Sure they need privacy.

  10. 10
    Kiska Says:

    I agree that the paps need to ease up but at the same time I think these two brought alot the drama on themselves.Everyone loves a hot story and they are hot.For yeras they denied a relationship which made the media all the more interested.These two are not the only celebs that this has happened to so I think they both need to man up and people need to stop babing them like they are the first celebs to walk the earth and not have privacy.I am not saying the paps are right I just think these two get way to much sympathy.They seem like two smart people who knew what they were getting into when they got into the business so why should we feel sympathy.No one is forcing them to do anything.This has happened to every celeb.They just have to cherish the moments they do have and not wine about the ones they don’t and people need to stop defending something that was their choice.Stop coddling them.Again no the paps aren’t right but these two are not innocent in all this.Yes they should be able to some privacy but when you are a celeb that is not a luxury you always get.No it is not fair but life isn’t always fair.It would be different if they didn’t know what this lifestyle came with but they did so I can’t really feel sorry for them.You don’t hear them complaining about the special treatment and the other perks.You have to take bad with the good.You have choices in life and just like everyone else they have to learn to live with theirs.If they wait a few years and continue this way they won’t have to worry about privacy because no one will care what they do or who they do it with.They will be has beens on some reality TV show.They can’t be like no media leave me alone then like yes I would enjoy a trip around the world and stay in your best hotel.That job that allowed those perks is the same job that has the media wanting to be their 5 o’clock shadow.They both go hand in hand.The same people that they want to leave them alone is the same ones they call on when they need publicity.Without the publicity they would just be starving artist or you and I.

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