Kyle Massey: That’s So Raven Star

August 31, 2010

Kyle Massey is That’s So Raven Star and he is DWTS bound as the official list for the new season was announced last night. Not entirely sure who Kyle is no worries you can learn all about him when you keep reading. There are some pictures and video for you to see too.

Kyle Massey

He is an actor, he is a rapper and now Kyle Massey, star of That’s So Raven, is headed to DWTS as one of the biggest surprises of the upcoming season. He was the one celebrity whose name was kept under wraps, probably because he is still kind of unknown especially in terms of the rest of the Z-listers on the show. However he is also generating a lot of buzz for the new dancing season as many are wondering what he will bring to the table so to speak.

In terms of a biography here is what we know about 19 year old Kyle. He played the brother of Raven Simone on the hit Disney show, which was his breakout role and its spin-off Cory in the House, it only lasted a season though. The Atlanta born Massey is also a rapper and one of his songs was featured in the Disney Channel movie Life is Ruff. Now I have never heard of him which doesn’t mean anything but my niece says he is awesome, she is eight so take it for what it is worth.

He may be the unfamiliar face to DWTS fans but he is super popular among the Disney crowd and I have a feeling Kyle Massey, That’s So Raven star, might just be the one to watch on the upcoming season. I mean he is in the music biz after all.

Let me know what you think about Kyle and his DWTS gig? Oh and don’t forget to check out the pictures and video too.

Kyle Massey 2Kyle Massey 3Kyle Massey 4Kyle Massey 5Kyle Massey 6

Photos: M. Barraza/Nikki Nelson/Starbux/FayesVision/Agent 47

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5 Responses to “Kyle Massey: That’s So Raven Star”

  1. 1
    Sandy Says:

    This cast should definitely make for some interesting talent!

  2. 2
    Jeanette Says:

    Wow he’s 19 now? These Disney kids are growing up fast! I think he’s the one to beat!

  3. 3
    Joan Says:

    HAHAH he is a ‘rapper,’ man, good luck getting any street cred being from a freakin’ Disney show :).

  4. 4
    Stacy Says:

    At least we know he’ll have rhythm. I cant wait to see how this ‘rapper’ dances!

  5. 5
    Miriam Says:

    That’s so Raven was a hilarious show, filled with young talent, our boy here is one of those talents