Kate Moss Nude David Yurman Campaign, Hot! (Photos)

August 29, 2010

She is no stranger to looking freaking amazing so it isn’t surprising that Kate Moss’s nude David Yurman campaign is HOT! Yep my friends it is that good and you can learn all about the ads that are being released for the jeweler which of course includes some pictures and a video too.

Kate Moss

Launching soon is the hot Kate Moss nude David Yurman campaign. The 36 year old model will appear in the buff in upcoming ads for the jeweler in some shots she is literally wearing nothing but the beautiful jewelry.

I am sure the idea of seeing Moss in the buff has your curiosity peaked and that is ok because you can check out one of the amazing pictures here. There are of course some additional shots that will be released later including one of the mother of one Moss laying on her front with only a heavy chain and bracelet. The gorgeous model has slicked back wet hair that makes this an amazing picture. All of the photos were taken by the Peter Lindberg earlier this year in the fabulous beaches of St. Barts.

Kate Moss’s nude David Yurman campaign is hot and I am not even a huge fan of the sometimes train wreck. I mean I think she is pretty and all but I guess I just feel she is a disaster waiting to happen. Although I will admit I did start shopping at TopShop because of her affiliation with them. That being said I think the new ads for the super sweet jewelry line are some of her best work. I will say this at least these pictures are tasteful because sometimes you just never know what you are going to get with Moss.

There you have it my thoughts on Kate and her new naked photos now let me know yours!

Kate Moss 2Kate Moss 3Kate Moss 4Kate Moss 5Kate Moss 6

Photos: www.wenn.comDaniel Deme/Will Alexander

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