Roger Clemens Pleads Not Guilty At Arraignment

August 30, 2010

Roger Clemens has pleaded not guilty at an arraignment today in Washington. The hearty pitcher is facing six charges related to allegedly lying during a Congressional hearing. See related photos and video below.

In a case that many feel has no business in Washington, a former pitching ace is facing tough charges related to statements he made in a Congressional hearing room. After being accused of using steroids during one of baseball’s ugliest periods, Clemens testified that he had never used the stuff.

It was the Mitchell report, released in late 2007 that turned out to be damning for the seven-time Cy Young Award winner. More evidence alleging his use of steroids surfaced soon thereafter, and will reportedly be used to prove that he was dishonest during his prior testimony.

Roger Clemens entered the federal courthouse stoic, and apparently unfazed. During the arraignment, he entered his not guilty plea with four simple words:

“Not guilty, your honor.”

With that, the NY Times reports, he will be granted permission to travel inside the United States, but will be asked to “check-in” every few weeks.

The actual trial is slated for the Spring of 2011, which will give Clemens and his defense team ample time to examine the evidence. The documents include a 34-page “index,” which prosecutors called a “voluminous amount of evidence.”

Here are the actual charges:

–three counts of making false statements
–two counts of perjury
–one count of obstruction of Congress

If convicted, he could face somewhere between 15 and 21 months in federal prison.

I personally feel that it is much ado about nothing. I suppose it wouldn’t be such an enormous deal had he not been called to testify in front of Congress. Either way, I agree with critics who feel that there are much more important issues to tackle these days.

Check out some photos and video related to the Roger Clemens not guilty plea below. Your thoughts?

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5 Responses to “Roger Clemens Pleads Not Guilty At Arraignment”

  1. 1
    Rachelle Says:

    Oh The Rocket how I love you but you are guilty as sin!

  2. 2
    Jen Says:

    this is just silly! you are right there are MUCH bigger issues!

  3. 3
    Joan Says:

    @Jen I know right, congress and baseball just don’t mix.

  4. 4
    Sandy Says:

    Of course he would!

  5. 5
    Jeanette Says:

    Just go to jail already, gah!