Michael Lohan Planning To Open Rehab Center

August 28, 2010

Um, seriously? Michael Lohan is going to open a Rehab Center? That’s right folks. Always wanting to grab those 15 minutes of fame, eh Michael? Get more info on this story plus photos and video below.

Michael Lohan

On the heels of his daughter Lindsay Lohan being released from rehab this week, comes the announcement that Michael Lohan has decided to move to California and open up a Rehab Center.

Come on, we’re supposed to believe that this guy is even qualified to open up a Rehab Center? I’m sorry, what kind of credentials do you have Papa Lohan?? Lindsay was released from rehab on Tuesday. Here’s hoping that was her last stint.

Lohan spoke to Radar Online regarding his upcoming plans to open the center.

“Yes, it’s, true, I’ll be running it. I think it’s time that Dina and I both step out of the media for a while, and for me that means getting back to what I know best — helping people with addiction. I’m going to have a protocol that will be have to be followed. I don’t believe in prescription drugs. If people come in on them they’re going to have to get off of them, otherwise they’ll be looking for another rehab.”

Again, he’s all about seeking those 15 minutes of fame. He just said that he thinks that he and Mama Lohan should remove themselves from the spotlight but yet he wasted no time in wanting to get the word out that he’s opening up a center. So who is backing this little project for Lohan? He won’t reveal who it is, only saying that it’s ‘a really well known person‘. *Rolling eyes*

Okay, so let’s hear what you guys have to say about Michael Lohan opening up this rehab center in California. Check out more pictures plus a video of Michael below talking about Lindsay’s problems back in 2007.

Michael Lohan photosMichael Lohan photosMichael Lohan photosMichael Lohan picturesMichael Lohan pictures

Photos: www.wenn.com/Hugh Dillon/WENN.com, Julie Ramos / WENN

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15 Responses to “Michael Lohan Planning To Open Rehab Center”

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  1. 1
    joeeis Says:

    So … why not? What’ the big deal? It sounds better than another reality show. “Roll eyes”…. you people are pathic. He may just pull it off if he gets the right professionals helping him. My gracious … must you always be so damn negative?

  2. 2
    Toni Says:

    I think it sounds like a wonderful idea! Good for him to want to help others who are going through what his daughter went through…I hope it works out well for him!

  3. 3
    Sandy Says:

    Hahaha…best joke of the day! (still laughing)

  4. 4
    Concerned Says:

    He should TOTALLY open a rehab center, and Sarah Palin should open a planned parenthood center.

  5. 5
    Donna Says:

    Like he did such a great job with his daughter.

  6. 6
    kelli Says:

    Why do good people die everyday and people like this keep living?

  7. 7
    Noby Says:

    Good for Papa Lohan. If such a 15 minutes opportunity comes in America, take it, and run with it. Can’t wait to be the first client!

  8. 8
    fahat Says:

    I hate the whole family! isn’t Papa Lohan sentenced to jail for cocine prosession…??? He should the first client for his so called “Rehab”..

  9. 9
    the LILO deathclock Says:

    Yea great Idea .
    Look what a great job he did with his own little c.unt of a daughter.
    I agree with the post above why must good people die and scum like these people go on living

  10. 10
    lee Says:

    He’s the worst father ever. Keeps forcing hinself on people who don’t need or want him. Just because he was the sperm donar doesn’t give him the right to keep talking about Lindsey and even the x wife.

    He’s a criminal, loud mouth, used Lindsey’s troubles for his own fame when a real caring father would have done all to support their child in a private, civilized way.

    Who is he fooling. No one thinks he anything, other then a nuiences and a wanna be.

    He’s a gross man and needs to stop talking about people we all know don’t welcome him or need his advice.

    He’s a stalker and harrasses the. They should sue him for defamation and indecent exploitation at the expense of others.

    Who would want to go to his rehab? Can’t even help himself and hes going to help others. Anyone can buy a building, just hope if true that there are professionals but anything hes involved in I wouldn’t consider credible or worthwhile. Just his face would turn me to drinking. Very gross man. Yuck

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