Pete Bethune, Sea Shepherd Activist Returns Home

August 27, 2010

Pete Bethune finally gets to come home after spending four months in a Japanese prison. But Whale Wars star and Sea Shepherd protester has no regrets. Get the details here.

Tonight was the season finale of Whale Wars and like many, I was left wondering what came of Pete Bethune after he was sentenced to 2 years in Japanese prison?

Well, the Captain of the Ady Gil and Sea Shepherd protester finally came home.. After spending four months in the prison, and spending half a million dollars in legal fees, the sentence was suspended.

Bethune was taken back to Japan after boarding the Shonan Maru #2, a vessel that had sunk his multi-million dollar speed boat, the Ady Gil, and nearly killed 6 crewmembers. I watch the show regularly and it was literally unbelievable to watch.

His objective was to confront Captain Hiroyuki Komura of the Japanese whaling vessel the Shonan Maru #2, for ruining his boat. Pete knew he risked prison for boarding the boat, but he did not care, and still has no regrets. When he arrived back in New Zeleand, he was greeted by his family, his wife Sharyn, and their two daughters, Danielle, 15, and Alycia, 13. Pete told reporters,

“The worst thing for me has been spending so much time away from my family…It is not easy being married to me, mate, it is more like being married without me.”

As for the next Sea Shepherd campaign?

“I made a commitment in court that I wouldn’t be going back but there are some other things that I can’t tell you about.”

Well, this season was much better than the previous, they seem to finally have some ideas that work and the additional ships definitely help.

I look forward to what next season will bring! What do you think about Pete Bethune, Ady Gil Captian and his Sea Shepherd involvement?

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50 Responses to “Pete Bethune, Sea Shepherd Activist Returns Home”

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    Salt dog Says:

    I think he’s a freaking pirate who violated international laws by boarding that ship. He got off easy, and the Japanese treated him with kid gloves.

    No matter which side of the Whaling issue you fall, if you have any familiarity with the way things are handled asea, you wouldn’t paint him in any such positive light. He’s no better than the Somalians I’ve personally repelled from my ship in the past.

    Beyond that, he was directly responsible for the sinking of his own vessle by ordering the helmsman to get as close as possible to the SM#2 just before the collision.

    I could go on, but I understand that people unfamiliar with the seafaring life are easily swayed to thinking these terrorist pirates are somehow heroic by the media coverage and slanted bias of Whale Wars.

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    Daisy Says:

    I personally think this is a modern David and Goliath and David is the Sea Shepard. I am glad there are people standing up to the Japanese “Research” and looking out for the whales. Call them whatever you want, they are still standing up for something they believe in to be true. How many people do you know that are willing to make the kind of commitment that these volunteers of the Sea Shepherd give?

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    K-Sean Says:

    these “activists” definitely get whats coming to them. i dont know how the animal planet could get away with giving these terrorists their own show.

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    mar Says:

    at least these people are doing something about the unnecessary killings of innocent creatures! “WHEN” our oceans are DEAD…we are dead.

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    David Says:

    i think what the sea shepard is doing is 100% and the the japenese putting him in jail is and was wrong on so many levels yes he broke there iteams so he can pay for them not go to jail they otencolly ran in to his boat it is on tape that they turend sharp on to the ady gail i would love to go out on that ship and save the whales i think the japs should stop there odvesly using for food not science

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    sue Says:

    The killing of whales is a sin. If the Japanese continue to do this fateful thing they deserve whatever the universe dishes out, and if it takes “piracy”, or other acts of desperation, then thats is what they should get. If I could sink every one of the Japanese whaling ships, I would. What are the Japanese people thinking over there? Their society is very people oriented, (they do have billions) so they could care less about the voiceless innocents of the ocean. Their objective is to FEED their billions. You should see the way they treats dogs!! GO SEA SHEPPARDS !!!
    And God Bless Pete and Paul.

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    Donald Says:

    Pirate. Give me a break. Pirates steal and kill for their own benefit. How can any of you compare him to a Pirate? He tried to make an arrest since no governing body will do it. He got on their ship and is arrested.

    They freakin ruined his boat and tried to kill 6 people. I would call that a Pirate.

    Funny how people view the world. When the mob or other unauthorized body loans money you call them loan sharks, when the banks do it, it’s just business as usual.

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    eat fish Says:

    It must be nice to throw away millions of dollars to be a pirate. All members of the Sea Sheppard Fleet should be arrested for their actions. They are no better than the pirates who steal gold/money. someone will die of a horrible accident because they are activists obviously with very poor boating/navigation skills.

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    Paul is a liar Says:

    The Japanese whalers are full of it, but so is Paul and so is Pete. The show and their actions are obvious propaganda. Paul faked being shot and Pete is the one who put his six man crew in danger. Watch both videos on Youtube. If the Ady Gil is without power, why do the engines rev seconds before impact. They drove into the path of the Japanese ship. I admire their ideas, but to act like victims constantly, is bogus!

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