Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Talk (Video)

September 28, 2010

Playboy playmate Karissa Shannon sex tape talk is confirming that there is a XXX video of her and Heidi Montag as well as her and boyfriend Sam Jones III. We already knew that though so what else is she and Vivid’s head honcho revealing, well you are going to have to keep reading to find out. I will say this though included is the trailer of Shannon and Jones as well as the release date of the elicit footage of the lovebirds.

Karissa Shannon

It is the moment that Hef’s ex-girlfriend hoped would never happen, the Karissa Shannon sex tape has been released today, at least that is what the Huffington Post is reporting. As I am sure you are all well aware Shannon did her best to stop the XXX video from being released however it appears that no one could stop Vivid Entertainment president Steven Hirsch from getting it out there. Now as I stated it is supposed to hit stores today but the trailer for it has already hit the net.

It you want to get a glimpse at what viewers are in store for in terms of the XXX footage you can see the trailer here as well as some photos that are so not clean if you know what I mean. Hirsch has had a lot to say about the video including this prediction.

Karissa Shannon Superstar will be one of our biggest sellers ever.

That is after he revealed these details about Karissa and Sam getting down and dirty on camera.

It is definitely the most extreme video that I’ve ever seen, as a celebrity tape. There’s everything you can imagine — whips, chains, handcuffs. It’s absolutely crazy.

I guess this newest development puts to rest the will we see the girl on girl action of Karissa and Heidi Montag anytime soon question, I would say no to that one at least for now. If you recall Shannon accused famewhore Spencer Pratt of stealing the footage of her and Montag. Karissa then set the record straight that yes she did do some sexy things with Montag and that Pratt stole her camera with the elicit footage on it. She further states that the nut job Spencer was not present when she and Heidi were filming their encounter so to speak.

Karissa explained in an interview with RadarOnline, which you can see in full here that she and Montag are pals and one day Pratt came over to get some of his stuff and took Karissa’s camera supposedly by accident. Yeah like Spencer does anything by accident! Shannon wanted to make it clear that The Hills villain does not own the footage it is hers and she does not want released as there is other footage on there she would like to keep private. Looks like she got her wish on that one for now anyway.

However the Sam Jones III and Karissa Shannon sex tape hits stores today, allegedly! Anyone want to take bets on whether or not it does better than the Kim Kadashian and Ray J one did did?

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Photos: www.wenn.com/RHS.Adriana M. Barraza/Rachel Worth

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    I dunno…call me crazy, but I bet Karissa doesn’t mind the exposure, heh heh.

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    Disgusting! Fame-whores!

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    It really a shame she is going this way, she is pretty, dumb but pretty, Pretty dumb I guess LOL!!!

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    she is so nasty!!! here are download links:

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    Pleassssssse she was begging for this exposure

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