Rosie vs. Elisabeth

May 23, 2007

Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck heated things up this morning on “The View“. After Elizabeth did not answer right away to Rosie’s question as to whether or not Elisabeth thinks that Rosie feels that our troops are terrorists, Ro called Elizabeth “cowardly”. I thought Elisabeth was going to stand up and explode. This has not been the first time that the two have exchanged words on air. Guest host Sherri Shepherd even asked Elisabeth to chill for the sake of her unborn child and Elisabeth quipped – “The baby is FINE”. Oh sure, and we’re supposed to believe that these two are friends off the air?


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9 Responses to “Rosie vs. Elisabeth”

  1. 1
    alice re Says:

    ENOUGH ALREADY! Elizabeth is soooo brainwashed she can’t see straight. It’s not just her politics (I’m a registered Independent) but her whole outlook on life is just so out of kilter. I’m afraid she is in for some rude awakenings in the course of life because she just doesn’t get it. She has a myopic view/tunnel vision on everything. I would like to see her disappear from The View for 10 years and then come back once life has taught her a few lessons.

    She’s a smart gal but amazingly immature.

  2. 2
    Richard Hertz Says:

    Elizabeth should be in a different TV market. Maybe somewhere inside the White House on close – circut TV. She has too little life experience to have an opinion about just about anything. She seems to PARROT her Right wing husband’s opinion’s. Maybe she can try working along side someone like Rush. She should have been booted long ago. It’s only right to have a person that’s from the other end of the political spectrum, as long as they are informed about the reality of the situation in the world in which we live. She seems to be a scared little back stabber from what I can see.Maybe in another 3o years she can learn something about the REAL WORLD that would help her arguments hold water against Rosie. Until then Bye! Bye! ELIZABETH……

    Richard Hertz

  3. 3
    trina Says:

    Rosie is the reason I watch–to hear the real news, not only hear it spun in a way that the media/administration want me to fool me with.
    Elisabeth is as fake and stupid as her fake tan.
    I would like to thank Elisabeth for making me become a Democrate rather than an independent. No way do I want to be in any group she is in. Being women is all I want to have in common with that dumb ass

  4. 4
    Shannon Says:

    I am so sick of Rosie and her big mouth. Someone needs to shut her up. Most people do not care what she thinks. Don’t take any crap from her Elizabeth!

  5. 5
    Bob Says:

    How can anyone take Rosie O Donuts seriously ?

  6. 6
    Rhodna Says:

    Elizabeth is “miopic” because she has high standards? That’s ubsurd. Rosie is drowning in righteous indignation. She sees the splinter in others’ eyes and cannot see the plank in her own. When she compared Christians to Islamic terrorists she showed her bias and stupidity. She is always quick to bring up the Katrina issue; she should take a closer look and see the people that were helping the LA residents. I guarantee you it wasn’t Islamic terrorists. Rosie is an idiot.

  7. 7
    Mark Says:

    Why are conservatives always right? Or why do they think they are always right? If you listen on YouTube at some of Elisabeth’s classic debates you see that she is…Uhh! I’d get more out of arguing with someone who says the sky is green than to try to answer to some of her comments. She has blind faith in Gov’t and conservatism. Nothing is wrong with being conservative, but when you defend any government as always being above reproach thats when it is blind. Our gov’t is probably the greatest in the world but it ain’t without its imperfections. It’s still run by humans and humans lie, cheat and steal. Get a REAL clue Lizzy. (My comments are on Elisabeth’s political debates on a whole and not just the recent debate with Rosie.)

  8. 8
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  9. 9
    Madison Says:

    Rosie O. says the things she say to make people like you go online and talk about it. The woman is all talk. For example she is completely against the NRA (National Rifle Association) or so she says. Then why does she still have stock in and advertise for Wal*Mart. Walmart is one of the leading gun suppliers in the United States. In fact two of the guns purchased for the shootings in columbine were purchased from WalMart. Harsh reality. If she is the only reason you watch the view I invite you to open a book and expand your mind. I am currently in my third year at Harvard, and no I am not a snobby rich kid I am a member of the middle class who worked my way into Harvard. If Rosie had her way no one would work for anything and every gay and lesbain person would be thought of as saint.