Montana Fishburne As Is Nude Magazine Cover (Photos)

August 18, 2010

The Montana Fishburne As Is nude magazine cover and headline is not going to make her father Laurence very happy at all. Then again there doesn’t seem to be anything about the porn star that makes her daddy happy these days.

Montana Fishburne

It isn’t necessarily the Montana Fishburne As Is nude magazine cover photo that is shocking it is more the headline that follows it. Let me explain Fishburne isn’t completely in the buff but you can totally see some of her girlie parts even though they are kind of covered.

Before I get ahead of myself you can see the photo here which will give you an idea of what I am talking about. Like I said it isn’t so much the picture which in all honestly is probably the most tasteful thing she has done so far, it is the headline that goes along with it that got me. Here is what goes along with the nearly naked picture of Montana.

I’m Not Doing Sh*t To Him, But F**king And Having My Career.

It seems pretty clear who she is talking to and that is totally her right to say that. I was just a little taken back by it. The girl certainly made a statement that is for sure!

Oh yes the Montana Fishburne As Is nude magazine cover and headline will no doubt have people talking. I for one have never heard of the mag, which doesn’t mean anything but after checking out the picture you can so tell it is all about sex. That being said it is a perfect fit for Fishburne and that is not a judgment at all just an observation.

I think it is safe to say that the pictures of Montana pretty much baring it all are just the latest thing she is doing for her career and it will probably not be the last stunt of this nature we see from her.

Montana Fishburne 2

Photos: Devorah

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4 Responses to “Montana Fishburne As Is Nude Magazine Cover (Photos)”

  1. 1
    Jeanette Says:

    One word: DISRESPECTFUL.

  2. 2
    Adrian97c Says:

    I’d lick her face

  3. 3
    L Fish Says:

    I just don’t see anything good coming out of this right now!!

  4. 4
    dumbgirl Says:

    what a dumb girl.