Jordin Sparks Wins American Idol (Poll)

May 22, 2007

Jordin Sparks is the winner of American Idol. Sorry Blake Lewis, you lose. Sure all the votes are not in but this one is easy to predict according to an online poll.

Update: America has voted …… Congratulations Jordin!!!

Huge Jordin Sparks news here!

Then come back and see all her music videos here, a complete American Idol collection!!!

The American Idol on-line poll is hard to ignore. Internet polls are usually bad predictors except in the case of American Idol. And that is because the same television show fanatics who telephone vote for American Idol contestants are the same young people who would bother with an on-line poll. Jordin Sparks is the vote winner in the online poll by far.

People are using this poll to predict that Jordin Sparks is the winner of American Idol 2007. I see other metrics which tells me the actual vote will be a lot closer than people think.

First is the 1.1 million Google references for Jordin Sparks compared with the 997,000 references for Blake Lewis. That is actually pretty close in the Google score, enough to call it a tie.

Second is that Blake Lewis blows Jordin Sparks away in YouTube videos. The highest rated Jordin Sparks video on Youtube is 105,000 views. That is really bad compared with Blake Lewis videos for which the highest view count is 415,000. Blake also has 786 videos posted compared with 729 for Jordin.

Third are the 11,000 Technorati references for Jordin Sparks compared with 13,000 references for Blake Lewis.

Yahoo Buzz has lots of important metrics for predicting that Blake Lewis is the winner. Especially important is that women adore him by 70%.

But most important Jordin just whipped Blake’s pants off in the finals. So I say Jordin wins, but I won’t be surprised if Blake shocks everyone and wins the American Idol finals. This is really close.

See also TV Guy at the Orlando Sentinel on why American Idol is a bore! Doubting Thomas at Rob and the Blogosphere was first with the news. Queer media has some Jordin boogie going on there. Send Jordin Sparks love to Bumpshack. Nice site!

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5 Responses to “Jordin Sparks Wins American Idol (Poll)”

  1. 1
    Patrick Algrim Says:

    At least Sanjaya didn’t win. Come on that guy is a fugg closet ghey!

  2. 2
    American Idol Winner…. : Jeanette’s Celebrity Corner Says:

    […] IS SO PROUD OF YOU!! I think we all knew that she was going to win, and our friends over at Right Celebrity called it yesterday. See all of the photos of Jordin when she came home to Arizona […]

  3. 3
    :: Sujet :: Latest celebrity photos and news! Says:

    Jordin Sparks VS Blake Lewis – Season Finale…

    American Idol- Jordin vs Blake
    Tonight is the night..
    If you hare betting – then you’ll want to put your horses on Jordin Sparks to beat Blake Lewis in the voting to be crowned “American Idol” tonight.
    Simon Cowell keeps reminding us…

  4. 4
    BellezzeGossip Says:

    AMERICAN IDOL FINAL: Jordin Sparks The Winner!…

    Realmente emozionante porter vedere una finale di America Idol in diretta.
    SI infatti ieri sera sono riuscita a vedere la finale del reality show piu’ famoso del mondo e alle 10:00 il presentatore ha gridato il nome di Jordin Sparks American Idol…

  5. 5
    Rob Says:

    i love the top 6 performances of both the girls and the boys.