Sara Saco Vertiz: Foul Ball Couple (Video)

August 12, 2010

Sara Saco Vertiz and Bo Wyble, known as the foul ball couple, appeared on The Early Show to talk about the incident. Is the couple still together? Read more and watch the video here!

foul ball

Sara Saco Vertiz and her boyfriend Bo Wyble were at an Astros game when a foul ball came flying their way. He dodged out of the way, leaving his girlfriend as the target.

Sure enough, the ball nails her in the elbow. Nice dude. The Early Show host Harry Smith asked Bo, “What went wrong…most men would get in the way of the ball, rather than let it hit a woman.”

Sara also reveals that she told Bo she was gonna get hit and sure enough, as you can see on the video posted below, she did. It looks like it hurt!

Vertiz also let viewers know that they are no longer a couple. But don’t worry they didn’t break up over the ball incident. She said, “It’s not over because of the ball…”

Ok, well the guy looks like a jerk for not stepping in front of the ball and saving his girlfriend some pain and embarrassment. I think he learned his lesson. On all of the sites that posted about this coupled the comments ride the kind as if he could have done something.

So readers after watching the video below, do you think that he could have even done anything. I mean how could he have even stopped the ball, aside from letting it hit him or throwing Sara out of her seat?

Do you think chivalry is dead, or are people overreacting? The video of The Early Show, and the foul ball couple Sara Saco Vertiz and Bo Wyble, incident is posted below for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to leave us your comments.

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One Response to “Sara Saco Vertiz: Foul Ball Couple (Video)”

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    Miva Says:

    I bet it was because of his haircut, LOL!