Asia’h Epperson PHOTOS: American Idol Season 7 Contestant

August 12, 2010

Asia’h Epperson photos are being tracked down like Sasquatch this week after the former American Idol contestant was arrested. Find out what she is accused of doing, and see her original audition video here.

Asia  h Epperson

I find that a lot of the contestants on these realities shows are much more interesting in real life. Take The Bachelor for example; the men and women from that show manage to become entangled in all kinds of ridiculous scandals OFF THE AIR. The same goes for Survivor, whose contestants have recently landed in the news cycle for alleged bar fights and drunken brawls.

Then there’s American Idol, which has seen its share of hilarious stories this year alone. A few months ago, we had a former contestant arrested for stealing from a department store. Then just this week, the Fantasia Barrino story broke in all of its tragically intriguing glory.

So what now? Well, Asia’h Epperson (photos below) from season 7 managed to allegedly beat her way into an overnight jail stint.

Here’s how authorities say it went down:

TMZ reports that she and her sister claim they were minding their own business in the restroom at a place called the Colony Nightclub when the “victim” supposed shoved her way past them and into a nearby stall. Rather than let it go, the Asia’h and her sister allegedly gave the woman a pretty severe arse-wooping.

The outlet scored photos of the singer being dragged away by police early Thursday morning in Hollywood, California.

Apparently the victim decided to press charges, and suffered what is being described as ‘bruising and pain.’

If I was a former Idol contestant, I’d be staying home this weekend.

What do you think, was it self defense, or a self prescribed arse-kicking? Leave us your thoughts below.

Check out some video and Asia’h Epperson photos below.

Asia  h Epperson

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2 Responses to “Asia’h Epperson PHOTOS: American Idol Season 7 Contestant”

  1. 1
    miva Says:

    I have to say that it was prescribed arse-kicking

  2. 2
    Sandy Says:

    Oh snap!