Sound the Alarm! Paris Broke a Nail!

May 22, 2007

Poor, pitiful, Paris Hilton. Because of her “celebrity status,” Paris Hilton will be given a life saving device while she serves her time in the slammer.

The panic device will have the ability to instantly alert the guards if any of the other inmates threaten or harass her. She’ll also be housed in the jail’s “special needs” unit, normally reserved for high profile people.

Paris MUST report to Century Regional Detention Centre in Los Angeles by June 5. Only 13 more days! And she says she’s terrified! Paris will love jail! By the end of her 23 days, she’ll be dropping the soap on purpose!

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2 Responses to “Sound the Alarm! Paris Broke a Nail!”

  1. 1
    Patrick Algrim Says:

    Hahahaha, Paris will also be suite mates with Nicole Richie, where Nicole will be fed bread and Paris will be fed water (after telling her it was vodka)

  2. 2
    Paris Hilton’s Cellmate is Chosen » Right Celebrity Says:

    […] perks, doesn’t it? Paris Hilton gets her sentence knocked down to 23 days, she gets a special panic device if another inmate threatens or harasses her, and now her cell mate gets specifically chosen for […]