April Magolon: ‘Donald Duck Groped Me’, Sues Disney

August 11, 2010

April Magolon is suing Disney amidst claims that Donald Duck sexually harassed her. Yes, as in the furry bird creature that walks around and entertains thousands So what is Donald getting accused of? Apparently he is a fan of breasts because Magolon is saying that Donald touched hers and threw his white paws up in the air as if he knew he did something wrong. Oh oh! Read more about Magolon’s claims and see photos here!


April Magolon visited the Happiest Place on Earth, but apparently her visit was not a happy one or so she claims. After visiting Epcot Center in Florida back in 2008, Magolon is saying that Donald Duck sexually harassed her. Yes, you read that right…Donald got a tad frisky on Ms. Magolon.

In a four page document submitted to the court, she is saying she has suffered “severe physical injury, emotional anguish and distress including, but not limited to post-traumatic stress disorder”. And get this…she is also saying that this is “one of a long line of continuing, long standing, similar prior incidents.”

The situation took place in May of 2008 when April and her family, including her children and her fiance, visited Epcot.

But apparently Mr. Duck isn’t the only dirty little Disney character. In the documents, Magolon also indicates that authorities received 24 additional complaints in the same week that Tigger molested a 13-year-old and her mother back in 2004.

April is looking for a big fat paycheck of $50,000 in damages. I’m sure Daisy and Donald’s relationship at this point is on the rocks.

What do you think of April suing Disney amidst these Donald Duck sexual harassment claims? Do you think it really happened or is someone just looking for a payout?

Leave your comments in the space below and let me know what you think!

See a picture of April Magolon here.


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16 Responses to “April Magolon: ‘Donald Duck Groped Me’, Sues Disney”

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  1. 1
    hobomonky Says:

    I think april is out for a paycheck and its not 50,000. Reports here in Orlando is that she is asking 200,000.00. I once worked at Disney and have know people who were characters. Most of them take much abuse mostly being punched by rowdy teenage or college age boys. also it is a fact that chances were the person inside the costume of donald was a middle aged woman. very few men are donald size. most characters are simply trying to earn a paycheck and get buy not grope any one to get fired. In addtion there is always a lead on set to make sure that when a character is hit, abused or fainting from heat (no there is no ac in the costumes) the lead takes appropriate action. Donald is never alone there is always children around with their parents who would have said something even if April did as she did and kept quiet for 2 years. this case will go away.

  2. 2
    stop2think Says:

    Is that duck an illegal alien?

  3. 3
    keeptalkingboutme Says:

    I hope she wins!! When i went to Disney in 2001, Mickey slapped my bottom. Everyone laughed if off but i found it offensive. From personal experience i can say that the characters do think they can get away with being fresh b/c we cant see their faces. I think Disney needs to be a bit more strict with its hiring guide lines. Good luck Ms. Magolon! I hope you take them for what they are worth!!

  4. 4
    keeptalkingboutme Says:

    @hobomonky: your sources are incorrect about the amount she is asking. Also there is video so the people at Disney can say what they want but in the end, Donald will have to fight his own actions that were captured on video.

  5. 5
    Rich Says:

    @keeptalkingaboutme You’re so full of crap, and you’re the type of person who would probably sue to make a quick buck. Mickey slapped you on the ass? Please, give me a break. Why would a character slap you on the ass? Mickey probably tried to pat you on the back, but your ass is SO huge he missed and caught your ass in the effort to give you a kind gesture. Get over yourself and try getting a job.

  6. 6
    keeptalkingaboutme Says:

    @Rich: you’re clearly an uneducated, egotistical, insipid man that feels empowered by dismissing strangers on blogs for expressing their personal opinions. Good job on showing everyone what a douche you can really be.

  7. 7
    Don'tneedtoknow Says:

    @keeptalkingaboutme: I’m gonna have to agree with Rich here. He was probably going for your back but your ass is so huge that he hit that instead.

  8. 8
    keeptalkingaboutme Says:

    @Don’tneedtoknow: Your entitled to your opinion. If you saw me you’d laugh at your own comment. Huge Ass… I Wish!! You guys have me rolling over here… the fact that you would assume anything about a stranger that you’ve never even seen in picture… nice!!!

  9. 9
    Joan Says:

    He needs to stick to Minnie.

  10. 10
    Hale Says:

    At Disney in Anaheim CA, our family has also been in line to photo-op with costumed characters. There were times when all was better than perfect. There also were times when leads and their costumed characters were verbally rude to (not our group) parents with toddlers or baby’s in their arms, and the patrons were quietly awaiting their turn in line. During our numerous visits on an annual pass, we noticed waiting lines of 8+ family groups, regardless of head count, would prompt the lead to shout-out anybody after you (pushing patron’s shoulder) better come on back tomorrow, ’cause our break time’s about here. We saw it happen enough times for us to say no more visiting.

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