Female Infants Growing Breasts?

August 11, 2010

What? Female infants growing breasts? Estrogen circulating in their bloodstreams is the apparent cause affecting babies in China. Evidence links Synutra, the baby formula company, as the alleged culprit. Read below to get more information plus see photos and video.

female infant

Have you heard the latest news out of China regarding female infants growing breasts? Estrogen circulating in their bloodstreams allegedly from the baby formula manufactured by Synutra has prompted the Chinese government to investigate.

Reports reveal that the affected babies (who range in ages four months to 15 months old), had hormone levels of estradiol and prolactin in the abnormal range. Prolactin encourages breast milk to be made in the body.

Deng Xiaoyun, the parent of a 1 year old girl who has been allegedly affected by this, said:

“At first, I thought it was a tumor. But hospital doctors preliminarily diagnosed it as symptom of sexual prematurity caused by hormones.”

Three female infants in the Hubei province were found to have symptoms of puberty.

It’s been widely reported that evidence points to the baby formula maker, Synutra, as being responsible.

But of course, a statement from the Chairman and CEO of Synutra, Liang Zhang, was released today in response to the claims:

“Since the initial speculation in reports that our products were responsible for premature development and precocity in children, there has been a tremendous increase in commentary in the press relating to this incident such as the People’s Daily and Bloomberg. The media is increasingly relaying a more balanced take on the reality that there is no scientific evidence supporting the allegation that our products are responsible for these claims.”

Scary! What do you think of these female infants growing breasts in China? Is it due to the baby formula they were fed? Leave me your thoughts on this story! You can see some pictures plus a related video below.

female infant female infant female infant

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2 Responses to “Female Infants Growing Breasts?”

  1. 1
    Joan Says:

    Uhm.. whoa. This needs to be dealt with.

  2. 2
    Rachelle Says:

    This is quite disturbing to me, someone needs to get a handle on this ASAP.