Vernon Winfrey: Just Another Daddy Selling His Daughter

May 22, 2007

Oprah (the black one; not Lohan) was recently shocked to learn that her father, Vernon was writing a book about her life. According to People magazine, Oprah did not even get the courtesy of hearing it directly from her father, but learned from a tabloid.

Upon hearing the news, Oprah said, “I said, ‘That’s impossible. I can assure them it’s not true.’ But then my sister said, ‘I think you should call your father.’ I called him and it turned out he is writing a book. The worst part of it was him saying, ‘I meant to tell you I’ve been working on it.'”

Despite the fact that she and her father have always been on good terms, Oprah says he is the “last person in the world” that should be writing a book about her. Says Oprah, “I was upset. I won’t say ‘devastated,’ but I was stunned.”

On the flip side of things, Vernon denies there is a book in the works, but it could be possible down the road, as it’s just “on hold” at the moment.

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4 Responses to “Vernon Winfrey: Just Another Daddy Selling His Daughter”

  1. 1
    savannah Says:

    i love you oprah!!!!!

  2. 2
    me Says:

    what a meany who would write a book about there daughter and then not tell them what a poo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3
    megan Says:

    how dare anyone say he is selling his daughter, he is the nicest little man ever. doesnt bother anyone

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