Ali Fedotowsky Topless Photo

August 9, 2010

An Ali Fedotowsky topless photo is said to exist and her ex-boyfriend is shopping around this scandalous picture of the reality star! While she may appear to be sweet and innocent may sources are saying that Ali wasn’t as girl-next-door as we all may choose to believe. Nothing like a reality star and a nude photo scandal! Read more here!

Ali Fedotowsky

An Ali Fedotowsky topless photo is being shopped around by her ex-boyfriend. If Ali’s life seems so freaking fabulous after the selection of her future husband on The Bachelorette, things just may take a turn for the worse. Ali has been dubbed as the sweet, innocent girl next door by America and fans of the reality star but could a nude photo amidst other scandal cause the fall of a reality television princess?

Apparently various media outlets have been contacted about this particular photograph that shows Ali in a compromising position with her hands cupping her naked breasts. But that’s not all. Also seen in the photograph is another individual “off camera” who is pouring beer on her chest.

A source said that this photo will more than likely be purchased by somebody to publish. “An ex-boyfriend of Ali is using a broker to shop the photograph. No deal has been made yet but the ex has a lot of other material from his time dating her.” The source adds that “The seller of the topless photo wants to remain anonymous right now. But it is one of her ex boyfriends.”

But apparently the scandal will not just stop at the topless pic. Because Ali liked to party back in the day, the source is claiming that there will be more revelations to come that just may include some additional scandalous pictures. Yikes! Let’s hope this doesn’t put a strain on Ali and Roberto’s relationship.

What do you think? Will an Ali Fedotowsky topless photo from her “wild” days affect how people see her now?

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