Avril Lavigne at the David Letterman Show

May 22, 2007

These video caps from Avril Lavigne are from her hot performance on the David Letterman Show last month. Latest news are Avril Lavigne is hooked on acting after she appeared in two movies last year. Avril Lavigne is now looking for serious big screen roles. Avril loaned her voice to the animated character in Over The Hedge and made a brief appearance in Fast Food Nation, and she confesses she has an appetite for more.

In MTV she said:

“I think as time goes on, I would want to try different styles. I would want to go for a more serious drama, something darker that would take a lot of emotion.”

She adds, “I do have a movie that I’m going to be working on and starring in.”

You can view more about Avril here and here and here :)

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