Parisoula Lampsos: Saddam Hussein’s Mistress? (Photos)

August 8, 2010

Parisoula Lampsos is being called Saddam’s Hussein’s mistress. A new tell-all book purports to outline their relationship from their first chance meeting to the many years they spent together. Get some details here, along with some related photos and video.

Parisoula Lampsos

It seems a tad ironic to focus on Saddam’s so-called love life being that he is most well known for his utter brutality. Still, a woman has come forward claiming to have spent years at his side in a mistress-like role, which has driven the worldwide media to do exactly that.

Published in Swedish “Mitt Liv med Saddam” or “My Life with Saddam,” has hit bookshelves in over 10 different countries. The book, and her past interviews with the media has earned her the title of Saddam Hussein’s mistress—a title that I find laughable. A mistress is a woman who has secret relations with a married man who is interested in keeping his marriage dignified. How could a despot known for his brutality towards women even have such a relationship?

Regardless, the book is being received with mixed feelings. It describes their first meeting as a chance encounter that took place when a friend invited Paisoula Lampsos to a dinner party. There, a 31-year-old Baath Party member named Saddam met and began courting her. The year was 1968.

The story, written by a ghostwriter, meanders its way through the early years of their relationship, all the way up to her attempt to flee the country. Throw in a few tales of rape and violence, and it feels complete.

Interestingly enough, she doesn’t like the term ‘mistress’ either. She claims to be somehow better than the slew of other women he consorted with:

“He saw me as different. I like simplicity. I don’t want money. I’m happy the way I am. I never changed the way I am for anyone.”

You can find more on the book here. See below for photos of Paisoula Lampsos. What are your thoughts?

Parisoula Lampsos

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    Jen Elly Says:

    it sounds like it would be an interesting read for sure…