Jillian Michaels Nose Job?

August 6, 2010

Well wonders never cease The Biggest Loser trainer who believes in treating your body good, eating right, you know all that healthy stuff, Ms. Jillian Michaels got a nose job and she admits it! While both things are shocking Michaels claims to have a good reason why she got a new honker, you can find out why here plus see some pictures and a video too.

Jillian Michaels

In Parade magazine Jillian Michaels opens up about her nose job. The lady who is known to be the tough as nails trainer that can whip just about anyone into shape had said that in eight grade she suffered severe bullying because she was 175 pounds and her nose was the size of a softball. According to US Weekly in order to stop the bullying Jillian underwent underwent a rhinoplasty.

I know you are dying to see the before and after photos which you can do here. I will say this it looks to me like she had more work done that just but hey that just my two cents.

Michaels had this to say about her choice to have plastic surgery.

I had my nose done. I felt much better about myself. Plastic surgery is a very personal decision.

Although I do agree it is a very personal decision I have an issue with someone of Jillian’s fitness statue who promotes working out, eating good etc and then admitting they have had work done. I just think it is a little contradictory if you know what I mean.

Jillian Michaels nose job is a fact, granted she did it years ago but none the less she still did it. Here is what I want to know do you think any less of Michaels for having plastic surgery, which it is, or do you think it was in her past and it mad her feel better so it is ok?

Jillian Michaels 2Jillian Michaels 3Jillian Michaels 4Jillian Michaels 5Jillian Michaels 6

Photos: www.wenn.com/FayesVision/Nikki Nelson

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    4 Responses to “Jillian Michaels Nose Job?”

    1. 1
      Mika Says:

      What does her promoting health and fitness have to do with her having work done on her face? I don’t know if it was just a nose job or not but regardless there’s a difference between changing something you cannot change any other way but through surgery and choosing to eat right and exercise for a healthy body and life. For you to say it’s contradictory is ridiculous. You can change your body composition through diet and exercise – but that won’t fix a big nose or some other physical attribute that is not affected by weight loss. I don’t care how rocking of a body you have, if your face looks like a horse you’re going to be hard-pressed to launch a business like she has.

    2. 2
      Joan Says:

      Maybe the procedure makes it easier for her to breath while doing her exersizes?

    3. 3
      Jen Elly Says:

      I thin she’s had a bit more than her nose done…just sayin…

    4. 4
      anon Says:

      She was in 8th grade. I am sure she had the idea she was gonna grow up and spend her life teaching about wellness. Come on, if she had a boob job next year ya, but she was like 13. Get over it, she helps a ton of people.