Jake Pavelka and Rachel Uchitel dating?

August 6, 2010

Are Bachelor Jake Pavelka and Rachel Uchitel dating? Well, those are the latest rumors to be circulating the net. But are these rumors true? Oh, please say its true. Everyone loves a good train wreck relationship especially when it doomed from the start. Read more to find out and see photos here!

jake pavelka

Are Jake Pavelka and Rachel Uchitel dating? Now while Jake is slowly recovering from one of the most scandalous relationships in Bachelor history, he may be moving on up the classy ladder of dating by snagging up Tiger Woods’ number one mistress Miss Uchitel.

Rumor has it that Rachel is trying to get a piece of Jake and tried to get into contact with the Bachelor via one of his best friends. Apparently Uchitel sent Jake’s best friend an email asking to be hooked up with Jakey on a date. So why did she choose Jake and what was Jake response to this date offer?

Well back when Jake was on Dancing With The Stars, Rachel was a correspondent for Extra and had the chance to interview the once-rumored-to-be gay Bachelor. But unfortunately at that time, Jake was fighting with Vienna behind closed doors and Rachel was dealing with her issues of addiction.

So what did Jake say to taking Rachel out for din din? Jake’s friend told a source that “Jake thinks she’s probably a ‘nice girl’ but isn’t looking to date anytime soon.” In other words, Pavelka has had enough dating drama for awhile.

I find it rather interesting that Uchitel who supposedly went to rehab to help her relationship woes already has her sights set on dating another man. Either this chick is all about fame-whoring or she didn’t learn anything from Dr. Drew in Celebrity Rehab.

Man how I wished this Jake Pavelka and Rachel Uchitel dating rumor was true. Can you imagine the reality show that could be created out of this hot mess?

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Photos: FayesVision/www.wenn.com

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6 Responses to “Jake Pavelka and Rachel Uchitel dating?”

  1. 1
    Carmen Says:

    Good for Him!!! Not everyone is a fool to get involve with a w*h*o*r*e*/walking STD like this one!!! Rachel Uglitel is a NOBODY that WANNA BE RICH and IMPORTANT!!! But, everyone already knows who this woman is!!! She is a shameless, immoral W*H*O*R*E* and a married men’s extortionist, who has tried everything to trap a rich$$$ man with her ugly silicone enhanced plastic body and pervert, kinky sex and so far, has failed badly!! She is now desperately portraying herself as a victim, trying to repair her w*h*o*r*e* image but it is too little, too late. She keeps contacting everyone, the media and reality shows, trying at all cost to stay in the news for revenge and spite but her time seems to be running out!!!

  2. 2
    Jen P. Says:

    And this is news? Jake is a selfish D bag liar who tried fooling us on The Bachelor. His time is so so up. Rachel who? Tigers night cap? Shame on all those women to be reeled into that Jerk of a husband! Is this the “gay” best friend that Rachel connected with? LOL! Jake you are a whimp of a man. You never focus your eyes on anyone in your interviews, which means your selfish and possibly a pathological liar. Go away

  3. 3
    Rachelle Says:

    These two would have been a match made in loser heaven! Too bad Jake thinnks his you know what doesn’t stink.

  4. 4
    Kristen Says:

    Lighten up! He is no real threat to you or anyone. Id admit, he needs to smoke a joint and drink a drink! Hang out with someone interesting authentic people and not half wits as seen on tv. Jake can you do that? Trust me, Cali encourages this.. Just don’t get caught with the joint without a med card.

  5. 5
    Joan Says:

    Now that would be a disturbing couple.

  6. 6
    Jen Elly Says: