Lynn France: John France’s Wife (Photos)

August 5, 2010

Lynn France, John France’s wife, is in the news today after logging in to Facebook only to find that her hubby was married to another woman! Get the story here, and see photos and video below.

broken heart

Un-freakin-real. The power of social networking is becoming more evident as the days pass. Cerebrally challenged criminals literally hand evidence to police via Facebook and Myspace, creepy child predators are nabbed regularly on Craigslist, and now this; a woman uncovers her husband’s secret life with a simple search—brilliant!

It all started when Lynn France grew a tad suspicious of her husband’s supposed overseas trips. She first discovered that he left his passport at home after telling her he was bound for China. Then, prior to another trip, she found that he had been surfing hotel websites. Something just didn’t add up.

Lynn drove to the hotel, where she found her dear old hubby with another woman. But it wasn’t until searching Facebook that she realized just how far his ‘affair’ had gone.

A quick search brought up pictures of John France and his OTHER alleged wife Amanda in a literal fairy tale wedding. Taken at Disney, the photos showed the bride dressed as Sleeping Beauty, while John played Prince Charming.

Feeling nauseous yet? Well there is a major twist. You see, after Lynn filed for divorce, John’s attorneys began to allege that their overseas marriage wasn’t valid in the first place. There were even affidavits to support the claim. The complicated case is still meandering its way through the courts, but for now it looks like John may escape being labeled a bigamist thanks to a technicality.

What’s worse, Lynn is now without her children thanks to another smooth move by John. Now she is left searching the same Facebook page from before, only this time it’s for recent pictures of the kids.

So sad. Check out some photos and video related to Lynn France, John France’s wife below. What are your thoughts?

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6 Responses to “Lynn France: John France’s Wife (Photos)”

  1. 1
    Stacy Says:

    Wow that’s unbelievable! That poor lady.

  2. 2
    Rachelle Says:

    In the age of technology we live in why would anyone put that stuff out there. Hello there is no way to keep a secret in the cyber world.

  3. 3
    Trish Says:

    On the Today show when Mr. France appeared, it seemed that something was wrong with his face and I don’t mean normal aging. It is kind of scary with major blotches. He must have a condition, which makes me wonder how rich he must be to get attractive women.

  4. 4
    Sandra Says:

    I have seen interviews with both people and have chosen to support Lynn.

    Lynn, I hope you get your children back. I also hope your ex goes to prison. Believe me, you are better off without him.

  5. 5
    Jen Elly Says:

    WTF is wrong with people? what a way to find out!

  6. 6
    apocalips Says:

    What wrong of having more than one wife..?? may be 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.. it’s feels good..!!!