John France: Facebook Bigamy

August 5, 2010

John France, Lynn France’s husband, is surely no angel. For the millions of Facebook users out there, the social networking site is a wonderful way to reconnect with friends and keep in touch with loved ones who live far away. But for married John France, it was his way of meeting another woman who eventually became his second wife. But while many may think France is guilty of living a double life, he claims that is far from the truth. Read what John has to say about his scandalous life of alleged infidelity and see photos here.


John France is making headlines with his life of bigamy unveiled via social networking site Facebook. But this isn’t your common cheating scandal. So how did his estranged wife Lynn France find out about her husband’s other wife and why is this case so unusual?

Lynn married John back in 2005 in what was a wedding that could have been taken right out of a fairytale. The couple married on Italy’s Amalfi coast and the happy duo went on to have two sweet little boys that they raised in Cleveland, Ohio. However after three years of what seemed to be wedded bliss, Lynn suspected things weren’t quite right with her husband. After John told his wife that he was leaving on a trip to China, she realized that he was not telling the truth after she discovered he left his passport at home. So, instead of phoning her husband to ask him what he was up to, she did her own research and in the midst of it all she came across a website on her home computer that showed proof of John’s alleged infidelity. He was leaving Lynn for his new woman Amanda.

While the shock of John’s alleged cheating tugged at her heart strings, it was after she looked Amanda up on Facebook that she broke down. Not only did Amanda have photos of a bridal shower uploaded, but also pictures of a wedding (held in Florida) that showed John lovingly looking into his second bride’s eyes.

After the confrontation (which would have made for a devastating scene straight out of Cheaters), John attempted a reconciliation with Lynn which ended in John taking the couple’s two sons to Florida with him. Since John took the boys, Lynn has not seen her boys

However John defended his innocence by citing his marriage to Lynn as illegal. He explains, “This goes back years and years; it’s not new news. I hired an Italian attorney to go and confirm the marriage was illegal. The attorney came back with affidavits stating that it was invalid. We discussed this a number of times. At first she believed it, and then she keeps on flip-flopping. OK? This goes back at least two years.”

While Lynn could probably care less about John and his new bride, it is her children she wants back in her life. And now, a nasty child custody battle ensues. See what John and Amanda say about the cheating allegations in the video below.

What do you think of John France and the Facebook bigamy scandal? About what about his new wife Amanda France?


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13 Responses to “John France: Facebook Bigamy”

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  1. 1
    Karl Morris Says:

    whi is john france?

  2. 2
    karl morris Says:

    who is John France?

  3. 3
    Joan Says:

    I didn’t know they had the internet in Utah!

  4. 4
    Melissa Says:

    What a loser…how can he be so immoral. He even gets the wives names mixed

  5. 5
    Sarah Says:

    Both sociopath’s.

  6. 6
    wow Says:

    eiter way he’s gotta be taken down for fraud. if it IS illegal and he knew it (as he says openly and publicly) he should be in jail for tax fraud, amongst other things. if not, bigomy. either way he’s in the doghouse. his reasoning for it being ok? ”my first marriage wasnt legal” so… boys remember that, if you’re with a girl in a serious relationship living with her with her children, its OK to have an affair and SECRETLY marry another woman IF you’re not married (what a wonderful example he sets for the children he so kindly kidnapped, as being a parent doesnt make it legal to force an illegal sole custody against the will of the other parent)

  7. 7
    Rachelle Says:

    Another lying cheater wowo big surprise.

  8. 8
    Sara Says:

    Unreal..Amanda is a heartless golddigger who OBVIOUSLY doesn’t have kids if she doesn’t understand why a mother would be hurt by her thoughtless comments. What she is doing is beyond crueland nasty. No point in addressing her, just glad I am not one of her family so I don’t have to live with the consequences of her actions and live with her shame.
    He deserves to never see his children again. Even if the marriage is invalid, he did not know that before he started this affair with a woman young enough to be his grand daughter, and to kidnap them, I hope he goes to jail. What example are they setting. GROSS

  9. 9
    Jen Elly Says:

    this guy is lucky he found one wife. what a dumbass..

  10. 10
    Trish Says:

    Gee, when a guy this ugly can get two wives since 2005, you have to wonder how rich is he. This last wife looks a little hard for just being 25, so I am wondering if she is a stripper. Not the kind of lady for two young kids to be cared by. Pray for the kids.

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