Henrietta Leung: Topless Banker Model

August 1, 2010

Meet Henrietta Leung topless model, and former banker. She was laid off when the economy got bad, but now she is raking in the cash with her sexy pictures. Read more here.


Henrietta Leung used to work for Credit Suisse, but she was laid off when the recession hit. But don’t feel too bad for her; she now makes more taking topless pictures!

After Henrietta was let go from her grueling 16 hour work day desk job, she got a little creative and started taking nude pictures. At first she only made about $660 doing 30 shoots. However, she really enjoyed the work and so she continued to pursue it. She also began body building, and after posing in some sexy photos with a male model, her career soon took off. She told The Sun,

“That’s when I started to get noticed. I was offered £500-a-day to have some very edgy shots taken with a male model in LA. But for bad luck, including the Icelandic volcano and a tight schedule, who knows what might have happened?”

She is now making about $660 a day, which is more than she was making as an investment banker! Combine that with modeling competitions and bodybuilding, and she is really bringing in some cash and more importantly, having fun! You can check out the NSFW pics here.

She has been offered to do some more extreme shoots, but she says, “I have been offered adult photo shoots, that’s not for me.”

Some extra info about Henrietta Leung, she is a gorgeous 39 year old woman who was born in Hong Kong, but resides in Kingston, South West London.

So what do you think, is this the dream job? I guess if she is having fun that is all that matters! Who wouldn’t be happier making more and working less?

Check out her pictures and tell me what you think about Henrietta Leung topless model, and former banker in the comment section below! I have a sexy model video posted below for ya too!

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One Response to “Henrietta Leung: Topless Banker Model”

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    scooby Says:

    well, what can I say; good for her. She looks pretty hot. Not a traditional beauty but definitely a fit for strong business woman fantasies. I wouldn’t be surprised if she does some adult movies soon exploiting this theme, e.g. female VP being used/abused by lower ranking male/female co-workers.