Lady Gaga Vanity Fair Nude Photos!

August 1, 2010

She is by no means a modest person and the Lady Gaga Vanity Fair nude photos certainly prove that but I have to say they are pretty freaking good and I am not even a huge fan of hers. I have the lowdown on the naked spread which of course includes pictures and a video both of which you are going to want to see.

Lady Gaga

Although she doesn’t bare all on the cover, seriously it isn’t Playboy, Lady Gaga goes nude in Vanity Fair for some awesome photos. I have to say this really might be the classiest thing she has done which is such a strange thing to say about someone being naked in a picture.

Before I babble on about it why don’t you check out the fantastic picture and cover here. There is something so eye catching about the Lady if you will, nude with her private girl parts strategically covered, her tattoo showing and her head thrown back. In a sense it is so simple an unGaga like if you know what I mean. Is it risqué yes but definitely not trashy at all which again is kind of a new thing for her.

Along with posing in the flesh the singer bares her soul talking about relationships, sex, her drug of choice cocaine, and her infamous appearance at Yankees Stadium. I will give her this she is not afraid to be unique or to tell all and Lady Gaga’s Vanity Fair nude photos prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. The Bad Romance singer rarely disappoints and from what I have seen of the issue this is no exception, she looks amazing and the article is amazing. That is just my two cents on naked Gaga though so share yours with me too, everyone has an opinion about her so lets have it.

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Photos: Chan/PNP/A. Miller/

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