Michael Muhney Caption This Winner!

July 30, 2010

It is time to announce the winner of the Michael Muhney is The Young & The Restless Hottie, Caption This Winner! In case you don’t remember exactly what the picture looked like or who he is for that matter, I have posted it for you again. There is also a great video of him that you will want to see too.

Michael Muhney

There was a nasty rumor taking over the Internet that The Young & The Restless hottie Michael Muhney was dead. I am glad to report it was just that a rumor the hunky actor is doing just fine and he is our Caption This contest topic today this week. I have to say you guys had great captions as usual and also some strong feels about whether or not Mr. Muhrey was actually hot or not. That being said this weeks winner is Danity who had this great comment about Michael.

It looks like he’s been living the life of a caveman.

Congrats Danity for having the best caption which made us all laugh and is oh so true.

As for Michael well we are glad the nasty rumor that he was dead was simply just that a rumor. So how did such a rumor get started? Well apparently while on vacation with his wife Muhney saw a man struggling in the water, he pulled him from the water and performed CPR however the man later died. There isn’t a whole lot known about the incident as most of what we know comes from Michael tweeting about it.

Thanks to all for participating in the Michael Muhney is The Young & The Restless hottie Caption This contest. Now be sure to check back on Tuesday for a brand new hot topic and photo for you to caption, it is all part of the Right Celebrity fun Caption This contest.

Michael Muhney 2Michael Muhney 3Michael Muhney 4Michael Muhney 5Michael Muhney 6

Photos: www.wenn.comNikki Nelson

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