Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Dress

July 29, 2010

As the wedding of the decade approaches, people are dying for details on Chelsea Clinton’s wedding dress! Read more and see photos and video here.

chelsea clinton

These nuptials are going to be phenomenal. Too bad we wont see any wedding photos till they are issued by the family! Details on the event are even hard to come about, including the skinny on her wedding dress.

Everyone wants to know what will Chelsea Clinton’s wedding gown look like? Who will she wear? With the cost of this wedding rumored to cost $2 million, I am sure she is sparing no expense on the most important part – the dress!

Rumor has it that she had a gown designed by both Oscar De La Renta and Vera Wang. It wouldn’t surprise me – but which will she choose? The Huff Po has a fun sideshow of their 8 favorites and a poll going on, so check that out and leave us your thoughts on the dress options in the comments!

Of course Chelsie and Chelsy Clinton wedding dress is also being searched for, but we know how to spell her name here. As for wedding plans? Many are wondering if it will be a Jewish wedding or have any of the traditions, in honor of her fiancé, Marc Mezvinsky who is Jewish.

The details are sure to emerge; I can’t wait for that photospread – most likely in People magazine. This is the biggest wedding of the decade, never mind the year. The Clinton’s are sparing no expense for their only child. Here is what we know – the event will take place at the former estate of John Jacob Astor IV in upstate New York, and will have 500 guests in attendance. The cake alone cost a rumored $10,000, $42,000 on flowers, thought to be Casablanca lilies and orchids, and $21,000 on the rehearsal dinner. Guests include, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and Barbra Streisand.

What do you think Chelsea Clinton’s wedding dress will look like? Check out photos and video below and leave us your comments.

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Photos: Miller/L. Gallo/Patricia Schlein

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9 Responses to “Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Dress”

  1. 1
    Miva Says:

    She will look so beautiful in Any dress, although Stephane Holland not pretty didn’t like Oscar de la Renta much either and the Reem Acra looked like the one Cortney Cox used in friends when she married Chandler that will be a good choice not pretty I’ll stay with Vera Wang

  2. 2
    Rachelle Says:

    I can’t wait to see the pictures and I agree with Miva she will amazing no matter who she wears.

  3. 3
    Jacqueline Moss Says:

    Chelsea has always radiated an inner beauty. I would like to see her in a simple raw antique white silk sheath and a knockout pearl and diamond necklace.

  4. 4
    Eva Eiduks Says:

    Sorry….while she has good taste in fashion and often shows elegance, she is HOMELY; her wedding dress as lovely and princesslike but the face, uhhhh…… matter how many times I see her I think “howdy doody reincarnated”. ugh

  5. 5
    Sophie Says:

    she’s so ugly! she looks like a horse

  6. 6
    marais morris Says:

    really hope that both sophie and eva eiduks have had all their children, and if they have, that these children do not meet with some unfortunate accident like that lady whose face was eaten by the pet ape of her friend, and i also hope that they have had all their grandchildren and greatgrandchildren and so on, and so on, and so on. because no one ever knows what any one of their relatives will look like [assuming that sophie and eva are both unabashedly gorgeous] and no one ever knows when a horrendous accident will mar those gorgeous looks that karma will have either one, or both, saying one day, “I’d give anything to look like Chelsea!!!!!!!”

  7. 7
    sharon Says:

    I have never seen an ugly bride unti I saw Chelsea in her dress. Not flattering at all and she is too white. Should have gotten a little spray tan at least. The strapless dress has been seen too many times before. Nothing special here.

  8. 8
    Eva Eiduks Says:

    I wouldn’t give anything to look like Chelsea – she has had about one million dollars of cosmetic procedures done and she is still ahh (rhymes with hut). Furthermore, she has a surly personality lacking in charisma, warmth and charm such as Jenna Bush has. And guess what…..I’ve met Chelsea – twice, in fact, so I know of what I speak. I also happen to have had a career that included TV modelling and higher education. The attention given to this wedding was hilarious. RuffRuff.

  9. 9
    Kenneth Says:

    Had to laugh when I read the comments, anyone with two eyes can see that this is a very ugly woman. She got the big horse teeth, fat chupmunk cheek, large nose of her dad, oddball eyes, she is really homely girl. She tries hard to dress nice and got help with that in order to look pretty, but she has a very strange face and big manly hands, too. I saw her two times when her mother was running for the President and she was snooty and snobby and whined, did not want to take the questions and she is more ugly in person than in the photographs; she was not happy to be around but had no choice but to do it for her mother. So clearly we can see how NICE this ugly girl is on the inside. Noone looked twice at her and she wanted the men to look, but no way Jose. I think she wishes she could be cute and pretty like the Bush twins,(I saw them too,no comparing them to homely Chelsea.) Jenna was a pretty bride and more natural looking, she did not try as hard as Chelsea who looked silly being skinny and white and flat chested in that cabbage dress with the horse face, and could the new husband not pick a nice suit to wear with all the money? Horrid.