Alex Beh: Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Boyfriend

July 29, 2010

Is actor Alex Beh Jennifer Love Hewitt’s boyfriend or are the two just friends? Could the unlucky in love Hewitt finally have found her man? I have the answers to those questions and more info on Alex which includes pictures and a video too!

Alex Beh

US weekly is reporting that Alex Beh and Jennifer Love Hewitt are a couple. The relationship is apparently very new but of course Jennifer is already so into him, that seems to happen with every guy she dates though so I would say it doesn’t mean much.

So who is the new guy that Hewitt has gotten her hooks into? Well this is what we know in terms of a biography of Alex. His hometown is Winnetka, Illinois not sure if that is where he was born but that is what his MySpace page says. He is 27 years old and he currently lives in Los Angeles, duh right. Alex attended the University Kentucky where he got a degree in Communications.

Beh is a jack of all trades in the entertainment world. He is an actor, writer and director who also has his own clothing line, he refers to it as a apparel/lifestyle brand, with singer Matt Wertz called Brotally Worldwide Inc. The guys donate a portion of all their sales from the brand to the Kidney Foundation in honor of his brother Chase who Alex gave a kidney to when Chase was a teenager.

It remains to be seen if Alex Beh is Jennifer Love Hewitt’s boyfriend but one thing is for sure he seems to be a pretty talented guy. Beh has more than proved he can make it in Hollywood, I wonder though if he can survive the clutches of Hewitt though, only time will tell. If you know any other tid bits about Alex or have thoughts on the new “Love” in his life let me know.

Alex Beh 2Alex Beh 3

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3 Responses to “Alex Beh: Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Boyfriend”

  1. 1
    Jen Elly Says:

    I just hope his is a nice guy -she has dated some jerks!

  2. 2
    Miva Says:

    I agree with Jen, plus this one is cute!

  3. 3
    mindy Says:

    I thought she was linked to Rick Sullivan from Iowa..not this guy from Ill..ummmm