Angelina Jolie Nude Star Magazine Pictures Hit Newstands (Photos)

July 29, 2010

Yes you read it correctly there is supposedly Angelina Jolie nude pictures in Star magazine’s in upcoming issue. I have a feeling Jolie is not going to be very happy about this. I have the lowdown on this hot topic which of course includes photos and a video of the sexy Salt star.

Angelina Jolie

In their August 9th issue Star Magazine allegedly has nude pictures of Angelina Jolie. In fact their cover screams “ Brad & Angie The Photos That Will Tear Them Apart! Brad Thought He Knew Everything But He Has No Clue” There is of course a photo of the A-list couple that looks like they are arguing or annoyed with each other that goes with the headline.

You can check out the cover of the tabloid here to see just how ridiculous it is. As for the alleged photos that the rag mag claims to have well there is reportedly eight of them ranging from Jolie with black tape over her nipples and a dog leash around her neck to one where she is supposedly doing heroin. According to the tabloid they are all from the same night. Interesting timing considering that Jolie and Pitt just won a lawsuit against a tabloid for printing a fake story.

Personally I think the Angelina Jolie nude Star magazine pictures are BS. Not that I don’t believe that there might be pictures like this of Angie from her wild past but come on look at the source. I am willing to bet that the article and photos that go along with their scandalous cover is nothing but crap. Don’t get me wrong I am sure the issue will be a big seller but I have a feeling the actual story will be a big disappointment but hey that is just my opinion. Let me know yours and don’t forget to check out the below photos and video of the hot mama of six.

Angelina Jolie PhotoAngelina Jolie 3Angelina Jolie 4Angelina Jolie 5Angelina Jolie 6

Photos: Devorah/Starbux

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6 Responses to “Angelina Jolie Nude Star Magazine Pictures Hit Newstands (Photos)”

  1. 1
    Jen Elly Says:

    I am willing to bet Brad knows about these. I mean she kissed her brother for God’s sake – it doesnt get nastier than that!

  2. 2
    Miva Says:

    Love Angie, she looks prettier each day!

  3. 3
    Maya Says:

    I saw this and I can’t believe what people can do just to take some cashhh!!! The idiot who posted this pictures first should think that she is changed 100% and she has 6 KIDSSS! How he can do this to a mother of 6!!! No one is perfect, I don’t say it is ok to act like that or to use drugs and so on.. but nobody is perfecctttt and she change so much so she does not deserve this. Love her, i love her personality, love her look, love her partner too:), love her kids,, just perfect familyy! Even I buy everything when they are on the cover, but this sh** i won’t buy it!!

  4. 4
    EllieS Says:

    Come on Maya, she’s not exactly the most stable at the best of times. You know take pic’s like that and you have no one to blame but yourself. Too bad so sad. NOT.

  5. 5
    poly Says:

    Suckers — Aren’t those photo’s from the movie GIA ?

  6. 6
    dave Says:

    love u always