Pamela Anderson shows her glamour in Cannes

May 21, 2007

Pamela Anderson was at the Cannes Film Festival for one day but she made a big entrance. She shows her “thing” with a thong (I’m not sure if she is wearing a thong…ewwww). The point is Pamela is glamorous… in Saturn. She looks trashy and… Pamela you are too old to show your thing, maybe in the past you were a Baywatch Girl but now you are an old woman with stupid big implants. Pamela Anderson was at the Cannes Film Festival promoting her new film, “Blonde and Blonder”. The photographers booed Pamela because she showed up late for a photocall and she only posed for a few minutes. Pam is a diva!


Pam said Cannes was:

a frenzy, it’s crazy, it’s silly

She also said:

Even watching it on television this morning, seeing these people, it’s like the actors are prodded through like cattle, `turn this way, turn that way

adding that Cannes was nonetheless “quite glamorous.”

Here is the trailer of “Blond and Blonder”:

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