Director of Vimar David Guglielmini Arrested: Cocaine Scandal

July 28, 2010

The Director of Vimar, David Guglielmini arrested? A cocaine scandal and prostitution ring is being cited as the reason behind Guglielmini’s arrest and you wouldn’t believe who else is allegedly involved. George Clooney’s girlfriend Elisabetta Canilis! Read more about the Italian cocaine scandal and see photos here!


Meet David Guglielmini, the Director of Vimar. Vimar is the company that owns and operates Hollywood, a club that is currently being investigated for a cocaine and prostitution ring. There is not a lot of biographical information out there relating to David, but we can tell you that the headlines he has been making as of late are not positive ones. What a way to make yourself known!

We are hearing that Mr. Guglielmini is under house arrest for alleged involvement of a cocaine and prostitution ring. David is in charge of the operations of Vimar, a company who owns an Italian club in Milan called Hollywood. This particular club is one that several celebrities visit. Could it be for the “free” cocaine?

Well there are two Milan, Italy nightclubs that are said to be involved in this scandal. Hollywood and The Club are said to be clubs where celebrities think they are above the law. In other words, they do what they want and can get away with it. VIP’s were also given free cocaine to indulge in. Di Maio, a prosecutor, said, “The VIP’s were protected, hidden…able to safely conduct themselves in any way, hidden from the court of public opinion. They were often given cocaine for free by those who want to sit at a table of famous people…they want the visibility that comes from being seated at a central table, and to be seen with models, or celebrities from fashion, entertainment and sport.”

A witness also testified claiming that on more than one occasion they smoked cocaine with Elisabetta Canilis, George Clooney’s girlfriend. Yikes!

Do you think David Guglielmini will get some hardcore jail time for this? And what about Elisabetta? Do you think she was one of the prostitutes who hung out at the club? Oh, the scandal!


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2 Responses to “Director of Vimar David Guglielmini Arrested: Cocaine Scandal”

  1. 1
    Joan Says:

    hmmm he owns a club called Hollywood, and may have a coke problem… this is really shocking.

  2. 2
    Rachelle Says:

    Just what the world needs another place to do drugs and pick up hookers.