Jack Roush Plane Crash: NASCAR Team Owner Injured

July 28, 2010

After a bumpy landing, NASCAR team owner Jack Roush’s plane crashed and snapped in two! He had a passenger, identified as Brenda Strickland, with him and both were rushed to a nearby hospital. For the whole story, including photos and video, continue reading below.

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The private jet registered to his racing team, was approaching a landing at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin Tuesday night at about 7:15 EST. According to witnesses the plane was in trouble in the air and came down uneven, then skidded off the runway and the photos show what happened next!

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Now back to the terrible accident. The team owner and his passenger were each injured, but not fatally. Strickland was described has not having life-threatening injuries, while Jack Roush’s plane crash injuries were a little more severe. He was in serious but stable condition and has cuts on his face that may need surgery.

It seems that they should both make it out okay, and the incident is being investigated. What do you think happened? Leave me your comments or well wishes below, after you check out this video.

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Photo: Wikipedia.org/Ted Van Pelt
Photo: Wikipedia.org/Royalbroil
Photo: Wikipedia.org/Alan

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2 Responses to “Jack Roush Plane Crash: NASCAR Team Owner Injured”

  1. 1
    Joan Says:

    Hopefully he can recover! I personally don’t get in small planes or jets unless I have to.. they are too dangerous.

  2. 2
    Jen Elly Says:

    yea, i hate flying. definitely not going in a small plane!