Justin Timberlake, American Idol Judge?

July 27, 2010

Could it be true? Could my boy Justin Timberlake soon have the title of American Idol judge? Rumors are swirling that Timberlake is in the running to be Simon Cowell’s replacement on the American Idol judge panel. Read more and see photos of the sexy back singer here.

justin timberlake

Could Justin Timberlake soon have the title of American Idol judge, taking the spot of Simon Cowell on the hit reality talent show? That is what we are hearing. Season 10 auditions are already in full force, but still the FOX reality show execs have not filled the shoes of brutally honest judge Simon Cowell. So just who is going to take Simon’s place?

There are a few names floating around the rumor mill. For the longest time, Bret Michaels was a strong candidate, however The Hollywood Reporter is saying that now that executive producer Nigel Lythgoe is on board, a couple additional names have been added to the Simon Cowell replacement list.

Justin Timberlake and Elton John are among the recent names to be added to the list.

Extra recently snagged up American Idol host Ryan Seacrest for a short interview to get his thoughts on the replacement news. Seacrest said, “I don’t know who will be in the seat. They haven’t made a decision, so we’ll find out together.”

Other rumors swirling are that not just Simon will be replaced. Lythgoe feels if one is going to be replaced, they all need to go. Nigel said, “I would replace the entire judging panel. I don’t think it really works replacing one person.”

What do you think? Is Justin Timberlake a good fit for the judging panel? Should all of the judges be replaced? Who do YOU think would make a good Idol judge? Leave your comments in the comment section below.

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Photos: L. Gallo/www.wenn.com

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5 Responses to “Justin Timberlake, American Idol Judge?”

  1. 1
    Pam Says:

    I think Kara, Randy, and Justin would make the perfect panel!!!

  2. 2
    Jan Says:

    Replace all of them. They’re all terrible & plus need some contestants with talent.
    Elton John would be great.

  3. 3
    Sandy Says:

    OMG, that would be freaking awesome if JT joined the panel…and I’m telling you, paws of Kara, I mean it!!!

  4. 4
    Joan Says:

    It would be nice, but PULEEEASE–he has way more going on than to host American Idol, which has seen better days.

  5. 5
    Matthew Says:

    I think Justin Timberlake is the best replacement. I think Randy Needs To Stay. I know Kara was fired and Ellen quit, so just replace the other 3. My Lineup I’d like to see. Randy Jackson at left, J Lopez, Shanai Twain, Justin Timberlake replacing Simon.