Heidi Montag: Reality Show Dropout

July 26, 2010

Latest news is that Heidi Montag, reality show dropout, has turned down a golden opportunity to star in a new reality tv show with friend Jen Bunney. However, she has reportedly stepped down. Find out more interesting details and see photos and a video right here.

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Heidi Montag has one less reality tv show to worry about. The reality tv starlet has apparently dropped out of an upcoming new show with gal pal Jen Bunney. What to do now? Be sure to check out pictures and videos below!

What’s a Bunney to do? According to reports, Miss Montag has decided NOT to appear in the new reality tv show with her gal pal, Jen. So what does Bunney make of this all-of-a-sudden change and what’s the show’s fate?

Apparently, soon to be ex-wife of Spencer Pratt, Heidi has made it obviously clear that she has enough stuff to take on in her “real” life. Funny that she is not eating up the opportunity to have another stab at fame, but Montag has surely decided not to do the show for her own reasons. Reasons that Jen believes is private. And Bunney is not taking anything personal. In a recent blog, Jen believes that things relating to Heidi’s personal life could be part of the reasoning behind her dropping out of reality tv. She also adds that Heidi and herself are not feuding.

So now what? Can the show go on minus Hollywood’s most fame-hungry reality bum? It is said that Bunney has decided to carry on with the show with the network’s support and hopes that Montag may make a return appearance, cuz that would be so cool, right?

Bunney tells the latest:

“Since that recent development our original network and some others as well have offered to continue on with the show despite Heidi possibly not being involved, which I just recently agreed to. Although, I of course wanted to pursue this project with her, I also respect that she has a lot to deal with right now and have to decided to go ahead and move forward with it alone, since these opportunities have presented themselves (my hope is that she will want to be involved later on. So I have already been to a few really productive meetings in the past few weeks, and the show is moving forward, looking to air this January. I was actually surprised that this happened, considering my name is not one that has been plastered across every tabloid the past few years, but I am super excited. I suppose the buzz from the original show with Heidi garnered enough interest and publicity and enough about me as an individual that several networks are interested in still pursuing it despite Heidis absence. So thats the news for now!”

Montag and Pratt announced their separation earlier this summer. No more Speidi! (sigh) However, you can be certain this isn’t going to be the end of Heidi. Supposedly she has been looking for a maybe bigger and better opportunity, perhaps “The Heidi Show” with Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriends, Karissa and Kristina Shannon? Why doesn’t this surprise me?!

Sorry Jen, but I just don’t think you are good enough? Do you? Leave us your thought about Heidi Montag, reality show dropout in the comment box. Also, see photos and a video of infamous Speidi split! Hoorah!

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Chris Connor/Michael Wright

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2 Responses to “Heidi Montag: Reality Show Dropout”

  1. 1
    miva Says:

    Thank God!! I had enough of her

  2. 2
    Joan Says:

    Wowza, I really hope she can get rid of Spencer–and all of his power crystals and get re-rooted with her family.