Charlie Hill: Linda Hogan’s Boyfriend

July 26, 2010

Charlie Hill is Linda Hogan’s boyfriend and soon to be hubby. Yep the cougar and her son’s former friend are engaged. There is more on Charlie and his relationship with Linda which includes a picture and a video too.

Charlie Hill

21 year old Charlie Hill is Linda Hogan’s boyfriend, well I guess you could actually call him her fiancĂ©e’ now since the two are reportedly engaged to be married. Now the National Enquirer broke the story so I would say given the source take all the dirt they are printing at face value, but the two have been dating for over two years so it doesn’t seem that far fetched. The rag mag is further reporting that the couple will tie the knot next year on her Yacht which she calls Alimony.

So other than Charlie has a thing for the older ladies what else do we know about him. Well in terms of a bio this is what we got, he is not a comedian although there is one out there by the same name. Hill went to school with Brooke and Nick Hogan and was friends with Nick before Charlie hooked up with Linda. That means he probably grew up in Florida but since there seems to be no information on Charlie other than his relationship with Linda that can not be 100% confirmed.

Charlie Hill is Linda Hogan’s boyfriend, boy toy, fiancée, soon to be husband call him what you want all those labels apply. Since it looks like this is no May-December romance I wonder if and when we will find out any more details on Charlie, everything about him seems to be focused on Hogan and her turbulent relationship with her ex-husband Hulk.

So what you think of Charlie and his relationship with Linda? Does the age difference matter, she is 50 he is 21? Let me know what you think because I think age doesn’t matter but I still highly doubt these two will be together for the long haul.

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4 Responses to “Charlie Hill: Linda Hogan’s Boyfriend”

  1. 1
    Joan Says:

    Wow, he looks like a younger wannabe Hulk, eh? I think it would be hilarious if the Hulkster did a tombstone on him!

  2. 2
    Miva Says:

    This is just too weird for me, but just want to add that I agree with Joan and she is too pretty for him even with the age difference

  3. 3
    Kristen Says:

    Charlie is from the Clearwater area, I used to hang with him and one of his good friends during the summer. He attended Clearwater High School and worked on clearwater beach. Hes a great boy! Just so weird to see him with her now. All the girls were crazy over him back in high school days.

  4. 4
    Sandy Says:

    Ummm…he is young enuf to be her son? Wonder what Brookie thinks???