Jessie Sulidis: Kirk DeWindt’s Girlfriend (Photos)

July 26, 2010

Jessie Sulidis is Kirk DeWindt’s girlfriend! You may remember Kirk as a former ‘Bachelorette’ contestant. Now he is apparently no longer eligible. Get the story here, and see photos and video below.

Jessie Sulidis

Everybody knows that it is very rare that any contestant finds true love on ‘The Bachelor’ and its spin-off ‘The Bachelorette.’ In fact, it is usually bigger news when they move on into the real world and find love outside of the reality TV realm.

Such is the case with Kirk DeWindt, who didn’t quite make the cut in Ali Fedotowsky’s season—but he came pretty close. Now that he is out of the ridiculous world of pseudo-dating, he has found a ‘real-life’ girlfriend. Her name is Jessie Sulidis, and she has become quite the hot search online lately. But who is she?

Not surprisingly, she comes out the tumultuous world of reality dating also. In fact, she and Ali became good friends while they were vying for Jake Pavelka’s love in ‘On The Wings Of Love.’ Fans will remember her as the girl who contacted Ali after learning that Justin Rego may have actually had a girlfriend back home.

It still leaves me to wonder how Jessie feels getting her good friend’s sloppy seconds?

Jessie apparently met Kirk while filming a special related to Ali’s season called ‘Men Tell All.’ It was on the set of the special that sparks first flew for she and Kirk.

If things work out for these two I guess it will bring an end to any future appearances on any of ‘The Bachelor’ seasons or spin-offs. If their relationship blossoms, I’m sure that won’t bother them one bit.

What do you think, will these two last, or is this just another ridiculous reality TV fling?

Check out some photos and video of Jessie Sulidis, Kirk DeWindt’s girlfriend below.

Jessie SulidisJessie SulidisJessie SulidisJessie SulidisJessie Sulidis

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One Response to “Jessie Sulidis: Kirk DeWindt’s Girlfriend (Photos)”

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    Sandy Says:

    I think thats great! They are both looking for love and found it in each other!