Jessi Slaughter: Good Morning America 4Chan Cyber Bullying

July 22, 2010

11 year old Jessi Slaughter’s Good Morning America, 4Chan cyber bulling story is all over the web today after she waged an intense battle online. Check out videos and read more about the story here.

jessi slaughter

Jessi Slaughter (not her real name) is an 11 year old who had become a microcelebrity on the internet by posting videos of herself. Soon people began leaving hateful comments and Jessi retaliated. She posted a video saying, “I read the comments. I read the messages, and I reply to them. But, you know what? I don’t give a f**k. I’m happy with my life, OK?” She said they should all get AIDS and she’ll “put a Glock in their mouths and make a brain slushy.”

Apparently that didn’t go over so well with the “haters” either, and soon her real information – name, address, phone number, and social networking sites were all over the internet, along with rumors such as “Jessi Slaughter’s dad gave her PCP.” She was prank called, had pizzas sent to her house, and Encyclopedia Dramatica even has a three part section on “How to troll” Jessi: 1) “There are pics of her holding her boobs” 2) “Tell her to kill herself” 3) “Tell her dad that we are going to beat her up.”

She and her family again retaliated, making a video with them all yelling. Jessi was crying hysterically saying that they have “ruined her life,” and she has been having emotional breakdowns, one-after-another.”

She is now at home and under police protection, along with a court order forbidding her from using the internet.

Forums such as 4Chan and Tumblr have been blamed with the cyberbullying. The problem with the internet is people feel they can say or do anything because they have such anonymity. Sure, Jessi was wrong in things she said, but her words did not hurt any one individual. Her words, while cruel and wrong, were aimed at the people directing comments towards her, but not towards one single person. But now people are setting out to torment an 11 year old, hundreds upon thousands of people are directing hate towards her, and she is surely suffering.

Jessi Slaughter’s, Good Morning America 4Chan video is posted below. Jessi is getting some counseling and seems to be coping well.

IMO, Jessi is too young to have free access to posting whatever she wants on the internet, fake name or not.

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  1. 1
    Tyler Says:

    Why is there no mention of the poor parenting decisions of allowing an 11-year old child unsupervised access to the internet? Why is everything NEVER the parents’ fault? If this child had been walking down the street saying the things she did, posing the way she did, behaving the way she did on her webcam, these parents would be going to jail!

  2. 2
    Anon Says:

    This will lead to a “PMRC”-type group trying to regulate the internet, all because some brat’s parents couldn’t put down the crack pipe long enough to monitor their brat on the net.

    Parents: preteens + webcams = disaster,

    Should be common sense, but I guess the gov’t will have to regulate that some more.

  3. 3
    Sean Says:

    Any 11 year capable of getting the wrath of 4chan most likely can’t be supervised…

  4. 4
    Willow Says:

    That girl is so disgusting. I don’t think people understand WHY they were cyber bullying her to begin with. I’ve known a never ending supply of vain and self important girls like her. They bully girls and boy and make their lives hell and their parents think they are perfect angels. She didn’t do anything wrong, because it wasn’t against any single person, but I bet there are people she has bullied. She just seems like the type. I think they were just striking back at that type of girl. Who has ruled the popular social circles for way too long. People without style or substance that only look for attention. Well she got it!

  5. 5
    Darkman Says:

    Seriously. This is just getting stupid. Maybe there are bullies on the internet, but somebody has to be really dumb and or overly emotional to let random people on the internet get the better of them. If someone says mean things to you, IGNORE IT! It’s as simple as putting on a shoe, and if you can’t even do that, then you have your head examined. And of course the girl is already a head case for doing lewd things on webcams and acting like backlash wasn’t going to come her way. Not to mention the fact that she eggs on people who bad mouthed her, which pretty much meant she deserved some of the tongue lashing for purposefully goading those individuals. Yes, people should be civil and kind to one another, but since 99% of most internet goers can’t act their age, they’re pretty much no different from this 11 year old twit whose obviously trying to get attention in all the wrong ways.

    Is she a victim? Hardly. She should have seen the backlash coming and played it smart and stayed the hell away from such dangerous playing, probably the entire internet as a whole.

  6. 6
    Derp Says:

    Why the hell is this 11 year old allowed to make videos on the internet anyways. She should know better.

  7. 7
    55 Says:

    The whole “She didn’t hurt anyone” line is BS. Lots of people are sensitive and take the internet seriously. The things she said in her video could of hurt a lot of people.

  8. 8
    Leif Erikson Says:

    Consequences will never be the same!!

  9. 9
    Tiffany Says:

    Her, and her parents are the biggest idiots in the world.

    God, these articles.. really? She brought this upon herself, nothing went on unprovoked.

  10. 10
    Anon Says:

    I cant help but think if she didnt retaliate this wouldnt of happened, she cant blame the internet which clearly she shouldn’t be using and posting herself online at such a young age, for some people clearly finding what she said as a challenge. bottom line, kids shouldnt have such direct access to the internet and instead of cryign about cyberbullying they need to find a way to just prevent it, either by having parents put in a web filter or just plain dont let kids use the internet.

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