Kate Major: Michael Lohan’s Girlfriend

July 22, 2010

Looks like there is legal trouble brewing for a Lohan and it isn’t Lindsay this time. Kate Majors, Michael Lohan’s girlfriend, is seeking a restraining order against him. You can find out what the heck happened with Kate and Michael here plus learn more about her which includes some pictures and a video too.

Kate Major

Kate Major is Michael Lohan’s girlfriend. Actually she is his fiancée however she has just sought a restraining order against him, that sounds like a loving relationship right. Here is the low down Kate filed the order of protection against papa Lohan because she claims he shoved and kicked her during an argument and that she has proof to back up her accusations. Michael will be served once he returns from LA, he is there attempting to visit Lindsay in the slammer.

In terms of biography information on Kate well here is what we know. Major used to be a reporter for Star magazine, which she quit when she began dating reality TV famewhore Jon Gosselin, she said it was a conflict of interest. That is pretty much it that we know about the 27 year old Fairfield University graduate, other than she seems desperate to be famous, why else would someone date Jon and agree to marry Michael. However given that she is dying to be in the spotlight I have a feeling will be seeing and learning more about her whether we want to or not.

So is Kate Majors still Michael Lohan’s girlfriend and soon to be wife now that she seeking a restraining order against him. According to RadarOnline a source claims Kate returned the ring Lohan before he left for LaLa land but Lohan declared to the website that the wedding was still on. I have a feeling this is going to turn into a he said she said war of words that the two of them will use to their advantage so they can stay the media whores they are but hey that is just my opinion.

Don’t forget to check out the below pictures and video and let me know your thoughts on Kate.

Kate Major PhotoKate Major 3Kate Major 4Kate Major 5

Photos: www.wenn.com/Diane Cohen/Hugh Dillon

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4 Responses to “Kate Major: Michael Lohan’s Girlfriend”

  1. 1
    jvmfan Says:

    There is a tv host named Jane Velez Mitchell who used to be a big alcoholic. she has a show on CNN headline news and will be talking all about Lindsay tonight–from an addicts perspective. The show is called issues, and usually has pretty good guests including lilos dad..

  2. 2
    Sandy Says:

    Boy, this family has definitely got some issues!(sigh)

  3. 3
    Mandi Says:

    This was just such a weird situation. First it’s reported that Jon Gosselin is hanging out with Michael Lohan (weird enough on its own…), then he’s dating Kate Major (a woman who had smeared him all over the tabloids), and then Michael Lohan is engaged to her? Guess they don’t mind sharing! Better watch out, Kate!

  4. 4
    azuka Says:

    Gosh! this family needs help