Travis Kevie Allegedly Breaks Into Bar, Sells Drinks

July 21, 2010

Travis Kevie is an enterprising man to say the least—but authorities say his latest venture wasn’t on the “up and up.” Get the story here, and see photos and video below.

Travis Kevie

This is too funny. Police in Auburn, California say a 29-year-old man took it upon himself to “re-open” a bar that had been shuttered and banned from selling liquor. Customers, unaware of his alleged little scheme, began to patronize the bar as if it were a new hot spot.

The little stunt even made headlines in a local newspaper! The Auburn Journal ran a piece about the re-opening of a local landmark called The Valencia Club, but a certain reader found it all too peculiar. Detective Jim Hudson knew something stunk when he saw the picture of a grinning Travis Kevie, standing proudly in front of the historic watering hole.

Not only did he recognize Kevie as a ‘transient,’ but he also recalled that the place had been boarded up and ordered not to sell alcohol. So what’s a diligent man of the law to do? Well, show up and check it out, of course.

It wasn’t long before Kevie was hauled in for his actions. He is accused of breaking into the bar and taking it upon himself to open it up for business.

What I find entertaining is the manner in which he did it. Authorities believe he got his little ‘business’ venture started with a small amount of beer he bought with his own money. He managed to quickly sell the small amount of booze, and continued to purchase more with his profits until he was caught.

Can’t this guy get a little credit for his entrepreneurial spirit?

I’ve included the mugshot photo of Travis Kevie for you to check out. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Travis Kevie

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3 Responses to “Travis Kevie Allegedly Breaks Into Bar, Sells Drinks”

  1. 1
    Sandy Says:

    That’s pretty good, lol!

  2. 2
    angie Says:

    All i can say is WOW travis you have really done it this time! He once snuck me and a couple buddies back stage to a PBR saying he had back stage passes… ya not!!! I will say it was pretty awsome sitting on top of the bucking chutes with all the big shots, way to go on that one trav. Was not to fun being escorted out by security. lol

  3. 3
    Danity Says:

    wow! hahahaha