Britney Haynes: Big Brother 12 Houseguest

July 21, 2010

It may only be week two of Big Brother 12 but houseguest Britney Haynes has already made some waves and some enemies too. There is more on the mini blonde who just fought for the power that would keep her in the game.

Britney Haynes

The Arkansas born Britney Haynes is a Big Brother 12 houseguest who managed to get her self put on the on the block and taken off the block all with in a couple of days. She was nominated by Rachel, who Britney has made it abundantly clear she does not like. Looks like Rachel and Britney will have to tolerate each other for at least another week since Haynes won the coveted Power of Veto and pulled herself off the block.

So what do we know about Britney? Well if you watch the show you know she is super annoying but beyond that we know she is a hotel sales manager who is very argumentative, as if you couldn’t tell that by watching her on the show.

She may be small but Haynes can certainly hold her ground. She may look like a typical southern girl but this 22 year old is no dumb blonde that is for sure. One strategy Haynes won’t be doing to get her further in the game, hooking up or having a showmance as they are called. This girl is all about her fiancé back home.

I for one am not a fan of Britney at all she bugs me but I do hope she sticks around for awhile because I have a feeling she can cause lots of drama which is what I like to see when watching BB.

Britney Haynes is a Big Brother 12 houseguest and for the time being she isn’t going anywhere. Check out Britney and the rest of her roommates in the below video and let me know your thoughts on Britney you know mine.


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7 Responses to “Britney Haynes: Big Brother 12 Houseguest”

  1. 1
    Stacy Says:

    Your right, I find her irritating too. But that’s what the show’s about so she’s a perfect fit!

  2. 2
    Danity Says:

    She is annoying!

  3. 3
    Sandy Says:

    She is gonna be some cheap entertainment!

  4. 4
    poot Says:

    I’d stick in her butt

  5. 5
    LC Says:

    ur all losers! britney is totally funny and much more intresting than u B****s!and i bet ya’ll are super annoying calling a girl who cant even defend herself cause shes in the big brother house annoying proves ur obviously weak dumb***s!so enjoy ur totaly dumb blogging cause ya’ll are so stupid! u guys are so disgusting u make me wanna vomit all over myself!

  6. 6
    Stinko Says:

    Britney is pure evil, she’s the devil that walks the planet. Just look at her eyes, especially the one that stares off into space. She would be good for deep throating Ron Jeremy, that’s what happened to the previous poster. She sucked Ron Jeremy off, then puked up his semen!

  7. 7
    Jim Smeltezer Says: