Allison Stokke on a Pole (Photos and Video)

August 14, 2008

Allison Stokke is the world’s hottest track and field athlete and a darn talented one too. See her photos and video here. Allison was a pole vault champion in high school who unfortunately did not make the Beijing Olympics.

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Stokke is an 18-year old high school senior who began attending the University of California Berkeley in the fall of 2007. Go Bears! Allison was so “stoked�? about her recruiting visit to Cal the weekend of the Cal vs Oregon football game with 72,500 fans in attendance at Memorial Stadium watching the #10 ranked Bears that she remarked rhetorically, “The atmosphere at CAL is absolutely amazing! How could anyone not want to go to school here?�?

Allison has been a long-time gymnastic, and she decided to quit that activity when a friend did back in October 2006, with a sharp family friend suggesting she consider giving the pole vault in track and field a try. The body control and strength that the Stokke used in gymnastics has a natural carry-over to the pole vault, with the mental characteristics necessary for success in the pole-bending activity.

More photos of Allison Stokke are below and here.

There are stories out that Allison does not want all of the attention she is receiving as an internet phenomenon, some of which is apparently degrading toward women. We think it is unfortunate when any website disparages any woman. We celebrate both her talent and her beauty, and wish her the best of success.

Allison Stokke Video

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    :: Sujet :: Latest celebrity photos and news! Says:

    Pictures & Video – Sexy Alison Stokke , Pole Vault Beauty…

    One month ago, Allison Stokke was an ordinary sixth-former with a special talent: pole vaulting.
    Allison Stokke is two time California state champion and national record-holder, her sport earned her a university scholarship. Allison just made a slight…

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    She vaulted my pole Says:

    I think she knew what she was doing all along.

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