Chrissy Steltz: Gunshot Victim’s New Face (Photos & Video)

July 17, 2010

Chrissy Steltz was a victim of a grisly accidental gunshot wound to the face which left her disfigured. 11 years later, she has a new face. Keep reading to find out more on this incredible story plus see photos and video below.


It was March of 1999. Chrissy Steltz was 16 years old at the time when friends were messing around with a stolen gun found at a party at Steltz’s home. It accidentally went off, and two thirds of Chrissy’s face was shattered.

The accident left her with just holes in her face where her eyes/eye sockets and nose used to be. She became comatose and would end up staying in the hospital for six weeks. She was told upon regaining consciousness what had happened and that she was blind and could no longer smell. Later she would lose a part of her sense to hear and taste. Just surviving this horrific accident was a miracle in itself and prior to her new face, she wore a sleeping mask to cover her injuries.

She tried to live a normal life as best she could these past 11 years, even marrying and having a baby eight months ago.

It was because of her baby that she wanted a new face, one where he wouldn’t see a black sleeping mask.

Doctors decided that a prosthesis was the way to go rather than a face transplant. So began the many hours Steltz spent with maxillofacial prosthedontists. Makeup was also added to the prosthetic face – eye shadow, eyeliner and even mascara to cover the eyelashes that were poked through the mask to give it a sense of ‘real life’. It was modeled after photos of Steltz when she was 16 years old, but it was also aged to reveal a beautiful 27-year-old Steltz. Because insurance deemed the surgery as ‘aesthetic’ in nature, they would not cover it. Ridiculous, right? No worries, though. The doctors and wonderful personnel who helped in the reconstruction donated their work into this labor of love.

As you can see by the many photos here, she is absolutely beautiful!

Check out the video below, where you can see more pictures of Chrissy Steltz. Leave me your comments and tell me what you think!


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6 Responses to “Chrissy Steltz: Gunshot Victim’s New Face (Photos & Video)”

  1. 1
    Rachelle Says:

    Wow that is truly amazing.

  2. 2
    Joan Says:

    What a courageous young lady. I can see where she is coming from with the baby.. as her child grows accustomed to what mommy looks like–she wants to be as close to who she really was as possible.

  3. 3
    azuka Says:

    OMG! this is so sad…

  4. 4
    Sandy Says:

    What an unfortunate story but with very fortunate results! Wow!

  5. 5
    GOOZ Says:

    alcohol is the cause of many problems and illnesses in the west. Cancer, car accidents, children born with autism, pneumonia… these are words we see all the time in western media.western authorities don’t say anything about the harmfulness of alcohol consumption because they earn a lot of money out of it. i was sad too when i knew Chrissy’s story but when i read her full story i said she deserved that punishment.

  6. 6
    Kara Says:

    As for what Gooz wrote I don’t think she deserved it, even though the circumstances around her getting shot came from them doing something wrong, she deserved to go to jail for being in that get away car not being shot in the face. I can’t believe some of the horrible things people can say. Chrissy story should be a lesson for all who read it.. Karma is a B!@#ch so watch what you as a caring person say’s Chrissy took something horrible in her life and made it something good. She seems to be a great mom, and gotten her life together where crime does not fit into it. Wish everyone who had put crime into their life would do this…without the losing half your face first.