Samantha Geimer’s Roman Polanski Saga Over?

July 12, 2010

Samantha Geimer’s ordeal with Roman Polanski may finally be over after a decades long saga. She had long desired to put it behind her, and it appears a Swiss judge may have granted her wish. Get the story, and see related photos and video below.

Samantha Geimer

In a case that has baffled observers world wide, a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl may never have to face the music. After Roman Polanski managed to skirt justice for more than 30 years, his accuser even grew tired of the issue.

The case was recently thrust back into the media spotlight when attempts were being made to extradite the noted movie director, who had been living outside the US since 1978. But the alleged victim Samantha Geimer, now 45, wanted no part of it:

“Every time this case is brought to the attention of the Court, great focus is made of me, my family, my mother and others. That attention is not pleasant to experience and is not worth maintaining over some irrelevant legal nicety, the continuation of the case.”

For now it appears Roman Polanski won’t be brought to justice in the United States. This morning Justice Minister Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf of Switzerland ruled that the extradition was not valid:

“If this were the case, Roman Polanski would actually have already served his sentence and therefore both the proceedings on which the U.S. extradition request is founded and the request itself would have no foundation.”

Just after the media appeared to tire of the issue, yet another woman came forward with claims about Polanski. This time it was British actress Charlotte Lewis, who came forward this May to accuse him of sexually assaulting her at the age of 16.

How do you feel about the decision? Give us your thoughts below.

Check out some photos and video related to the Samantha Geimer, Roman Polanski case.

Samantha Geimer

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One Response to “Samantha Geimer’s Roman Polanski Saga Over?”

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    Rachelle Says:

    I say it is her decision and people should respect what she wants, even though he is a total dirt ball.