Adrian Edmondson: Jennifer Saunders’ Husband

July 8, 2010

Meet Adrian Edmondson. He is Absolutely Fabulous star, Jennifer Saunders’ husband. There is good news in the kingdom, his wife’s cancer is reportedly in remission! Find out more exciting details and see photos and a video right here.

Adrian Edmondson

This news is absolutely fabulous! Good word comes to 52-year old Jennifer Saunders and her hubby Adrian Edmondson in the couple’s fight against breast cancer! Be sure to check out pictures and videos below!

As a biography, Adrian Charles Edmondson was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, England, UK on January 24, 1957 so his age is 53. He is most-known for his comedic performances alongside funnyman Rik Mayall, his best friend whom he met at Manchester University. He is remembered by his best works in the following roles: Vyvyan Basterd in The Young Ones, Edward Catflap in Filthy Rich & Catflap, Edward Elizabeth Hitler ‘Eddie’ in Bottom, Dr. Abra Durant in Holby City, and Vernon in Teenage Kicks. He married his second wife, Jennifer Saunders on May 11, 1985. Together, three daughters: Eleanor, Beattie, and Freya Edmondson.

There is so much for Adrian Edmondson and his wife to be grateful for. Her cancer is in remission! Just last October, the Absolutely Fabulous star was diagnosed with breast cancer last October. A lump was found and the actress started treatment immediately.

So in order to remove the lump from her breast, doctors performed surgery and began chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Just after eight months of treatment, doctors gave the couple the news that they have been waiting for…remission!

Adrian Edmondson’s wife was recently seen wearing a wig and a bandana at a Wimbledon match.

Also, a close friend said:

“Jennifer has kept her illness extremely private. She has battled it with true strength and determination. Jennifer has kept her illness extremely private. She has battled it with true strength and determination. The early diagnosis has played a huge part in her recovery. Finding the lump in the early stages was a blessing. During her treatment she kept a really positive attitude and stayed really strong. Ade has been brilliant throughout and the kids have really rallied round. She is back in great form and has won her battle. She isn’t dwelling on what has happened, she is looking to the future.”

Another source shared with a news source that “Jennifer’s treatment finished in June. She is very thankful that she has been given the all-clear and is feeling in very good spirits.”

That is amazing feedback! Especially for you, Adrian Edmondson, Jennifer Saunders’ husband. I’m sure you have been extremely supportive of your ill-stricken wife. Good luck to your future and best wishes, too! You may leave your thoughts in the comment box and see photos and a video below.

Adrian Edmondson Photo 1Adrian Edmondson Picture 2Adrian Edmondson Photo 3
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Photos: Tomaszewski/Daniel Deme

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