Jinele McIntire: Tom Sizemore’s Baby’s Mama

July 7, 2010

Meet Jinele McIntire. Sometimes spelled Janelle, is allegedly troubled actor Tom Sizemore’s baby’s mama. So the drama unfolds. The mother of his twin sons has reportedly filed for a restraining order for her own protection. Find out more troubling details and see photos and a video right here.

Tom Sizemore Baby Mama

Apparently following an alleged altercation that took place in late June, Jinele McIntire, has reportedly filed for a restraining order against actor Tom Sizemore. This doesn’t really surprise me, after all, the Sober House castmember was also sued just last year for failure to pay child support for his twin sons. Be sure to check out pictures and videos below.

As a biography, not too much is known about Tom Sizemore’s baby’s mama, and former girlfriend. However, she is the mother of their twin sons who were born in July of 2005: Jayden and Jagger.

Within the lawsuit filed on June 30th in a Los Angeles County Superior Court, it is said Jinele agreed to meet Tom at his house on June 22 to discuss their children and lack of child support. Inside the documents, she noted:

“He punched me in the face and head repeatedly. My ear started bleeding. (He then) punched me in the stomach with such great force, it took my breath away”.

Reportedly, it didn’t end there. Jinele also alleges that Sizemore “threw a long knife (it looked like a kitchen knife) on the floor of the bathroom.”

It is said that a temporary restraining order that McIntire filed for on June 30th, was granted that same day.

A representative for Tom’s camp says that these allegations are “100% untrue” and are “completely fabricated” stating that it was “an attempt to discredit Tom Sizemore … because [Jinele] thought Tom was plotting to take the children.”

Last October, McIntire called Sizemore a “deadbeat dad”. She claimed that the actor owed her $58,800 in child support. Jinele also sought to receive health insurance for their twin sons and to get her lawyer fees paid.

Wow. I have no words. If you do, please leave your thoughts for Jinele McIntire, Tom Sizemore’s baby’s mama in the comment box. Also, see photos and a video of the troubled actor below.

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