Kendra Wilkinson Sexy Swimsuit Photos!

July 4, 2010

A mere months after having a baby Kendra Wilkinson poses for some sexy swimsuit photos. Although it sounds kind of dirty it is not at all in fact she looks freaking amazing! You can see the pictures plus learn all about the shoot here. There is also a video of Wilkinson pole dancing.

Kendra Wilkinson

Showing off her fabulous body and post baby curves Kendra Wilkinson posed in a sexy swimsuit for some hot photos yesterday. RadarOnline published the pictures that are certainly going to have people talking about Kendra except in a good way this time. After all that sex tape drama it is good to see her do something that shows her in a better light if you will.

The blonde bombshell was doing a spread for a swimwear line and you can check it out here. I have to say she looks great and I am not even a huge fan of hers. I don’t necessarily like the one piece she is wearing, I know it is a trivial thing to say but it affects the picture. I will have to say this the suit does show off her assets very well even though the design is ugly in my book.

The shoot took place at the Mandalay Bay’s Moorea Beach Club where Kendra showed off her killer bod laying in a cabana type thing for a couple of shots. I will say this the pictures of Kendra make me want get my self into shape. I can’t believe she just had a baby.

Kendra Wilkinson’s sexy swimsuit photos are freaking hot. They are classy which is so not something you usually think of when talking about Kendra, they are tastefully done and I think they make her look great. That is of course just my opinion I want to know your thoughts on Kendra’s pictures, so let me have it.

Kendra Wilkinson 2 1Kendra Wilkinson 3 1Kendra Wilkinson 4 1Kendra Wilkinson 5 1Kendra Wilkinson 6 1

Photos: Eddy/Apega/Digital Creations/Andres Otero

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    Miva Says:

    I love Kendra, and the swimsuit line is great and it is really nice to hear good things about her for a chance pounds