Lindsay Lohan Sequined Hot Pants: Caption This Winner!

July 2, 2010

It is time to announce the winner of the Lindsay Lohan sequined hot pants Caption This contest. In case you don’t remember exactly what the picture looked like I have posted it for you again, plus it is just fun to look at. There is also a great video of Lohan that you must see.

Lindsay Lohan 1 2

Lindsay and her outfit were one hot topic this week and you all had so much to say about it. Seriously though there is always something to say when it comes to Lindsay right. It was a tough choice this week deciding who would be the winner of the Lindsay Lohan sequined sot pants Caption This contest, all the comments were great, however there was one that did stand out.

Drum roll please the winner is Andy Z. who had this great comment that was so oh true.

I dunno, she may as well wear them. Lindsay is going downhill pretty fast. I suppose the fact that she’s wearing these and not exposing herself should count for something!

Yes Andy I agree the outfit may have been ugly but at least we weren’t seeing parts of Lindsay that we didn’t need to see. Although I still say someone needs to teach this girl some style but hey that is neither here nor there. Congrats to you for having the best comment this week.

Thanks to all who participated in this weeks contest your comments were all fabulous and very funny too. Now be sure to check back on Tuesday for a brand new hot topic and photo for you to caption, it is all part of the Right Celebrity fun Caption This contest. Be sure to check out the great video of Lohan below, seriously it is Lindsay and at the very least she is entertaining right.

Lindsay Lohan Photo 1 2Lindsay Lohan 3 1 2Lindsay Lohan 4 1 2Lindsay Lohan 5 1 2Lindsay Lohan 6 1


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