Millionaire Widow Lily Safra Featured in ‘Biography’

July 1, 2010

Millionaire widow Lily Safra is now being featured in an unauthorized biography detailing her extravagant life. Get the story here, and see photos and video below.


If you haven’t heard of her, let me clue you in. The soon-to-be released book about her is entitled ‘Gilded Lily: Lily Safra: The Making of One of the World’s Wealthiest Widows.’ Does that about sum it up for you?

I suppose the big question is, where did she get all of that money? There really is no simple answer to that question. The natural place to look is to her recently deceased husband Edmond Safra (photo above), who is described as a ‘Lebanese banking millionaire.’ His company Republic New York Corp, is now merged with credit giant HSBC.

But there is much more to her than Uncle Scrooge like money. In fact, author Isabel Vincent spent nearly half of a decade pulling together the research to pen the biography—all 297 pages of it. Millionaire widow Lily Safra’s life reads like a modern day version of ‘The Other Boleyn Girls,’ with tales of ‘marrying up’ into high society.

Her first marriage was brief, and occurred when she was just 18. Over the next few decades she worked her way up a few more rungs on the social ladder until finally she ended up with Edmond Safra in 1976. No other woman had succeeded in dragging Edmond to the altar, save Lily.

Aside from her notorious love life, the book spends a great deal of time highlighting her active social life. Her parties were known to be over the top, with some of the most exclusive guests. Check out this description of one of her most famous gatherings:

“One party described in great detail took place at two empty sprawling Fifth Avenue apartments Lily owned that overlooked Central Park. Guests were served cocktails in one apartment before descending to the second unit for the sumptuous dinner. Lily had the second apartment transformed into a French country garden, complete with ten foot topiary trees and thousands of flowers, many of which were flown in from around the world.”

Wow. Sounds like she could even make P. Diddy jealous.

The book is set to hit shelves this week. Check out some photos and video related to Millionaire Widow Lily Safra’s late husband below.


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