Keith Britton: Zoe Saldana’s Boyfriend (Photos & Video)

June 30, 2010

Keith Britton. Does the name sound familiar to you? It should….the hottie is Zoe Saldana’s boyfriend and soon to be husband as the two have recently become engaged. Read more about their upcoming nuptials and see photos and video of Keith Britton below.

Keith Britton

The beautiful pair, who have been together for 10 years (a lifetime in the Hollywood world, eh?), are not very forthcoming regarding details of their upcoming wedding. What a lucky guy, that Keith Britton, being Zoe Saldana’s boyfriend and now soon to be husband!

A source revealed to US Magazine that Zoe is simply elated with her new ‘relationship status’. She still likes to maintain her privacy though, as the source explained to the mag:

“She doesn’t even introduce him as her fiance. She’ll just say, ‘This is Keith.’ She likes to keep her personal life to herself and wants people to focus on her as an actress.”

When the 32 year old actress was recently awarded with the MaxMara Face of the Future Award, she thanked Britton with the following:

“I have to thank that one special person who always gets buried and overlooked. I’ve lived a very private life, and I’ve been with a partner for 10 years who has allowed me to age … which is absolutely awesome.
“I’m going to say, ‘Thank you.’ I tend to confuse privacy with not saying thank you, so I love you. …”

Awww…how sweet!

Okay, so let’s find out a bit more about Zoe Saldana’s boyfriend, Keith Britton. As a biography, the actor was born in September of 1976 in New Hampshire. He is 33 years old.

He has appeared on the soaps All My Children and As the World Turns and starred in an episode of Cold Case in 2007. He’s been on the silver screen as well, according to IMDb, in the 2005 flick Dirty Deeds, which also starred his lady love Zoe.

He is also the founder and CEO of (My Fashion Data Base) a website that’s…well…like it’s been described on the site – an IMDb for the fashion industry.

So congrats are in order for Zoe Saldana and her boyfriend Keith Britton. I’d love to see those wedding pictures, wouldn’t you? We’ll keep an eye out for those! Check out more photos and video below.

Keith Britton Keith Britton Keith Britton Keith Britton

Photos: / WENN, Scott Doctor

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5 Responses to “Keith Britton: Zoe Saldana’s Boyfriend (Photos & Video)”

  1. 1
    Miva Says:

    Congratulations!! Zoe I’m Happy for both of you.

  2. 2
    Rachelle Says:

    Keith sure is a hotie. What a stunning pair he and Zoe make. And 10 years in Hollywood is amazing, best wishes to the happy couple.

  3. 3
    Joan Says:

    Wow, 10 years is a long time for a Hollywood couple–married or not. I’m calling it now, getting married is the worst move they could make. I give them about 2 years before a nasty divorce (yeah, I said it).

  4. 4
    Celebrity Says:

    He is looking so hot and look at his eyes, really nice and attractive.

  5. 5
    Sandy Says:

    I’d still say yes =)